Commentary -- On the LGTBQIAlphabet

  • 2022-05-22, 08:38 AM
  • Joe Dahl
Commentary -- On the LGTBQIAlphabet Joe Dahl

When we think about this issue in everyday life, in our politics, and in our education, we should be considerate of the founding and continuity of this Great Experiment that turned out to be America. If we come to think that America has been a mistake; that the traditions, economies, social mores, religions, lifestyles, worldwide defense, and services, are wrong – keeping in mind that slavery was here and well-founded when the government was formed, that we finally got over it and the aftermath of racial issues is well behind us – then we are going to look for a brave new world and a social-political system that historically has not been successful and come to favor that instead of freedom.

If we look there, to a new order of society that is going to accept and favor and encourage behavior that has been taboo and unacceptable for over two hundred years, what would make us choose that course? Only a complete lack of discourse and discussion.

Why do we have such a difficult time having a debate about this issue? Why is the loud voice of those who encourage and recruit to this strange lifestyle the only voice heard? The opposition is so shy, not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings; we love that misguided one but cannot take the vicious backlash from the whole community of their support, so we remain quiet and supportive and therefore accepting. We allow those who sponsor and recruit and groom, a broad field of fire with no defense of those we love because of our fear to speak up.

Politically Correct was the term. They cowed the opposition into silence because the opposition did not want to be disagreeable, they thought it better to be well mannered and civilized. That was not Donald Trump’s way, he was disagreeable, yes, and hard to listen to, but so many agreed even when they were afraid to say it.

And so opposing the new order has become off-limits. Those who attempt opposition are stigmatized, threatened, marginalized, and bullied. They are not allowed a voice and we are not allowed to discuss. We must acquiesce; there is no other option.

But let’s not let that be the way this ends. Our manners are allowing it to appear that we agree. We are being taken as supporters and our silence is being taken as approval and validation. Those of us who still recognize truth and accuracy must absolutely speak. We cannot give in.


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Joe Dahl



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Chukar 2022-05-25, 10:04 PM
How is it that you publish this type of opinion piece from a relative, but you hide any comment I make on Fallon Post’s Facebook page questioning the sale of recreational marijuana? Is it because those businesses pay you to advertise? You don’t have any journalistic integrity apparently.           Editor: I would be super happy to print a commentary piece from you -- send to [email protected] Not sure why your FB comment didn't show up - believe me I dont have time to monitor the comments on FB. Maybe try again? I dont see any comments on the survey on FB so maybe they dont let us? We absolutely would NOT censor a topic based on who advertises with us. You could also send a letter to the editor and if it is polite I'll print it for sure. As far as printing a relative -- this is a community paper in a small town and if that is a disqualifying event for publication there would be very little to print. My dad has been writing opinion pieces as long as we've been printing. There so far has only been one person I had to tell no in terms of printing his work and that was because it was simply too rude and thoughtless for what we encourage as "Polite Public Discourse." 
RS 2022-05-24, 08:32 AM
Did... did you seriously write an article saying "Slavery was well-accepted when America was founded and it's good that we eventually ended it but we can't accept gay people because being gay has been taboo for 200 years" with zero self-awareness? I do not believe that the oppression the LGBT community faces is in any way comparable to chattel slavery so why did you bother to create that comparison, especially when it paints your argument in a poor light?

Also, I am livid that the Fallon Post continues to post "groomer" rhetoric that is used so often to justify hate crimes against LGBT community members. Treating the LGBT as the new order that can't be criticized when literally hundreds of anti-trans and anti-gay bills have been proposed in legislatures nationwide? Don't make me laugh. This is utterly ridiculous.
DC 2022-05-25, 05:32 PM
No the author did not condone slavery as being acceptable it was only you imagining things he did not say. I could care less about your sexuality as long as you keep it behind closed doors like i and everyone else do. Im not sure why gays think they have to flaunt it in front of straight people. I dont want my kids seeing something that is morally incorrect but ill be the first to defend your right to do so even if i disagree with it. I dont kiss mywife in public partly because she is a public figure but secondly its not something that is acceptable in public anymore.
RS 2022-05-26, 11:37 AM
I didn't say he thought it was acceptable. He clearly thinks it is unacceptable. I was pointing out the irony that he says it was "well-founded when the government was formed" (Ie. had been tradition for 200 years) but being gay is bad because it had been taboo for 200 years.

I don't know where you've been living that you don't think any form of kissing is widely unacceptable in public, but that is clearly not an opinion shared by most people. Things like holding hands, acknowledging having a girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife and, yes, kissing in public are considered fully acceptable by the majority of people. These actions appear regularly in children's media and are viewed as in no way sexual when heterosexual people do them. However, when gay or bi people do the same actions, they are often suddenly viewed as sexual or not-age-appropriate. And that assertion is homophobic, plain and simple.

Anyone can have all the homophobic beliefs they want. Neither I nor anyone else can stop them. However, when that individual expresses those beliefs or homophobic statements, I or anyone else has the right to point out that those statements are homophobic and can cause long-term harm. As Dahl rightly points out, silence is taken as approval and validation. I can't allow prejudice to go unchecked, so here I am and here I am going to stay.
Mike c
Mike c 2022-05-23, 11:15 PM
Great article Joe.