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Monday, April 15, 2024 at 8:37 AM

Fallon Hornets 12U - Making A Dream Come True

Fallon Hornets 12U - Making A Dream Come True
2023 Pacific Southwest Cal Ripken 11u Regional All-Stars Tournament, 11-year old state champions.

There is nothing more exciting than to watch someone take a dream and make it a reality. It has been the dream of coach Justin Judd of the Fallon Hornets 12U team that an all-star team plays in the Cal Ripkin Pacific Southwest Baseball Tournament every year, and 2024 is no exception. These teams come from California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Hawaii to play in the tournament in July. This year, the 12U tournament will be held in Oahu, Hawaii. 

Taking the dream to reality with a minimum of nine players and coaches is no small undertaking. Flights, accommodations, transportation, meals, and transportation must be thought of and put into action.

The Fallon Hornets 12U team did not quit playing baseball last year in July. They transitioned into fall ball and then into winter ball. The players must maintain passing grades to retain their position on the Hornets ball team. Fall and winter baseball is always difficult, mostly because of the weather, of course. These kids have played in snowstorms and rainstorms, sometimes huddling in the dugout, waiting for the rain to stop. Meanwhile, the dedicated parents and onlookers huddle where they can and wait it out. 

There is a whole litany of items that are needed by the parents for baseball. Fall and winter ball, the parents take with them a portable pod carried in its own bag, and when removed instantly pops up. Then, place your chair in it to set and ward off the wind, rain, snow, and more wind in hopes of staying comfortable. Some complexes will not allow outside food or drink which requires going to the snack bar, another expense. The players in the dugout can have their own waters. To say the least, the team, coaches, and parents become very cohesive to see a dream come true.

This is a travel ball team. The team travels once monthly to a tournament in different locations, different cities, sometimes different states. So again, this shows the dedication, both financially and in time, that is required by coaches, players, and parents.

Once the players have gone through the regular season then the best players on each team can be picked up for the All-Star team to make the Fallon 12U team. Coach Judd will begin to see his dream become the reality of the Nevada All-Star team going to the Cal Ripkin Pacific Southwest Regional Tournament in Hawaii. The coach will take the best players from each team that plays in the Nevada 12U league. Some of these players have not played together before, but they have met each other on the field as opponents many times. Then, he will begin building the team to be cohesive and competitive. This will take many hours of practice, most of which will take place in The Hive, a baseball practice area that coach Judd built for his team to practice in when the weather is too hot, too windy, too rainy, snowing, the usual Fallon weather.

Back to the Hawaii tournament. The players will be transporting their baseball gear with them to the airports. Large duffle bags on wheels with all their baseball gear that is needed. Players cleats, helmets, bats, mitts, and catcher’s gear. Players and their families are responsible for airfare, lodging, and transportation. Not to mention food while there and hopefully some much needed rest, relaxation, and sightseeing. Passenger vans will be rented to take coaches and the team to the games. This, of course, will be summer ball in Hawaii; no pods required. Umbrellas will be a necessary item for everyone. Snacks and drinks for the players to keep their energy up, sunscreen and whatever else is needed to keep the players and their parents comfortable for the game duration.

With all these baseball situations, getting to the Cal Ripkin Pacific Southwest Regional Tournament in Hawaii is going to be expensive, to say the least. It is obvious that this is not going to happen without raising some money for expenses. Please be on the lookout for raffles that will be held soon as fundraisers. Monetary donations are a help and always welcome.







Comment author: Claude EzzellComment text: Paul was one of the most manifest men I have ever met. He was a good friends with my Dad and always had an entertaining story for the occasion. One of my most favorite stories Paul told dated back to the late 60s or early 70s and it revolved around him killing a deer way out in the mountains. Naturally the deer ran down into a deep canyon and died. Knowing that it would take him forever to haul it out he devised an awesome plan. After preparing the deer he drove back to NAS Fallon and rustled up a SAR crew and they flew out and picked up the deer. Of course it was labeled as a training flight but what the hell in those days you could do that sort of thing. Rest in Peace my friend until we meet again!!Comment publication date: 4/11/24, 1:15 PMComment source: Obituary - LCDR Paul N PflimlinComment author: THughesComment text: So sad to hear. Prayers to the Goings family.Comment publication date: 4/5/24, 6:35 PMComment source: Obituary - Bill GoingsComment author: April SmithComment text: I love this beautiful woman and her family so much. Such a pure soul and I had a great pleasure taking care of her while she was at the homestead and being by her side for her last daysComment publication date: 4/2/24, 8:50 PMComment source: Obituary - Frances Elaine (Sanford) Atkinson V Comment author: Veronica BrandenburgComment text: Dee was the nicest lady! I remember her fondly from the days of my youth at Northside Elementary, many years ago. She and Mrs. Rowe were my favorite office ladies! I am so sorry to hear of her passing. My thoughts are with her family.Comment publication date: 4/1/24, 3:26 PMComment source: Obituary - Mary Delda “Dee Hewitt