Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

  • 2023-03-24, 04:58 AM (update 2023-03-24, 05:03 AM)
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes
March 24-30

Have a great week! And may the stars guide you to your true north.

Aries — Responsibility. You can carry your own weight this week knowing what’s yours to take care of is up to you. Overcome the hidden shadow of acting as the Martyr archetype so that your responsibilities do not become burdens. Focus on personal responsibility that creates the fulfillment of a job well done.

Taurus — Breathe. You are one step away from the easy life this week, but that step is one that you might have to take backwards. Meaning, relax your grip, take a step back, no need to prove anything. Take that one step back and realize all is well and good right now. Breathe in the current moment and enjoy what is right there in front of you.

Gemini — Justice. A bit of a paradox this week: a sense of freedom comes from the burden you must carry. By owning this burden and not putting it on someone else’s plate you become free from the attachments of expectation, of dependency, and waiting. Stay true to your path and justice will be your reward this week.

Cancer —Restraint. Yes, you can swallow a little pride, but wait for the right timing. One of your strengths this week is a healthy dose of patience. The other is restraint, which seems to be a new one in your spiritual medicine cabinet. Take the restraint and see what happens when you let things unfold on their own timeline

Leo — Clarity. Oh, the possibilities! It may seem a bit overwhelming right now. Which gives you pause to admit that you just don’t know right now. And that is ok. Because your blind spot, what you may not see right now — is that it all works out. Clarity will come just in time to open your path and show you the way forward.

Virgo — Chance. Complacency may have been holding you back, until now. This week you find the strength to break free from the safe place you have been dwelling. The shadow that lurks only holds you back if you give into self-doubt. Overcome the start and stop cycle that cripples forward progress by taking a chance on what life is offering you. It may be right under your nose.

Libra — Dignity. Your inner beauty shines through this week in the form of a patient kind of strength. Coming from this place of your inner resources: self-worth, stability, and calm, you can easily overcome outside influences that might otherwise upset this strength. You may not get the forthcoming help you believe you should, but your inner beauty outshines any trivial slights, and your dignity stays intact

Scorpio — Balance. As soon as we learn one lesson, another pops up to test us on the first one. How to balance the lesson so hard fought won with the urge to neglect the new lesson. Know the difference between restraining yourself from lashing out and silent withholding. One is discipline, the other is a tactic. Find your balance.

Sagittarius — creating your own stability is your strength this week. You don’t need the approval of another in order to move forward toward your goals or dreams. You may already be further along on your road toward a secure future than you realize. Face the possibilities and get to work, you’re on the right track.

Capricorn — tGenerosity. You may have been a strong influence on someone just recently. And perhaps you were right. This week you have the strength to once again be a strong influence but for a different reason. There may be some patching up that needs to be addressed. You have the power to make amends, apologize, or help out where it is needed. Being right doesn’t matter this time. Your generosity does.

Aquarius — Listen. Let go of the need to “figure it all out” this week. Giving yourself a mental break will help you realize you don’t need to make a point or fight for your voice to be heard. There is a better path to take this week where you can learn to lead passively, by — listening. 

Pisces — Courage. Go ahead anyway. Never mind the shoulda-woulda-coulda. Or the what-ifs. You have the strength and energy to make a bold move forward this week. You can step up and lead the way, go have an adventure, or go on a date. Yes, it will have to be your choice, but you will have the motivation to do it. Go forward with courage.

Rebekah Dahl interprets heavenly influences to help bring wisdom, love, and empowerment into our earthly experience. 



Rebekah Dahl



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