Law and Motion from District Court

  • 2023-03-03, 05:31 AM
  • Teresa Moon
Law and Motion from District Court
The Tenth Judicial District Court convened Tuesday, February 28, Judge Thomas Stockard presiding. 

Jesse Calvin Gilbert, in custody, pleaded not guilty to the Category C Felony of Battery causing substantial bodily harm. A trial was set for September 27 - 29.
Landon Dakota Mason pleaded guilty to a Category C Felony Charge of Offer, Attempt, or Commission of an Unauthorized Act Relating to the Manufacture or Compounding of Certain Controlled Substances, a 1st offense, which carries a potential penalty of 1-5 years in Nevada State Prison and a fine of up to $10,000. A Pre-sentence Investigative Report was ordered with sentencing set for May 23.

Troy Michaels Jock was not present for a Status Hearing on a non-technical probation violation involving absconding. His attorney, Steve Evenson, stated Jock is currently in custody in Winnemucca where he is facing over 100 felony charges. The case was continued. 

Darian Michael Newman pleaded guilty to a Gross Misdemeanor Charge of Conspiracy to Commit Discharging a Firearm Within or From a Structure or a Motor Vehicle, which carries a possible penalty of 364 days in Churchill County Jail and a fine of up to $2,000. ADA Chelsea Sanford, speaking for the state, explained there was a fight in a bar and Newman left the premises, he later drove by the bar and discharged five shots from a firearm. “That type of behavior cannot be tolerated,” stated Sanford. The state asked for a sentence of 364 days, all but 90 days suspended. Defense Attorney William Routsis stated Newman is “a relatively young man” at 26 and “in the heat of stupid alcohol and in a learning experience, he shot the gun into the air.” The defense asked for probation. Newman apologized for his actions, saying it was stupid and ridiculous and he has regretted it ever since he did it. He apologized “to the people I probably frightened by committing the act.” Standard fees and assessments were imposed. Stockard sentenced Newman to 364 days in Churchill County Jail with a $1,000 fine. The jail time was suspended, Newman was placed on probation with standard conditions. He was ordered to have a substance and alcohol abuse evaluation, to follow the recommendations thereof, to make payments on the fine in the amount of $150 a month, and to not possess any firearm while he is on probation. 

Salvadore Vera-Torres appeared with an interpreter for sentencing on the Category E Felony of Possession of a Controlled Substance, 1st or 2nd offense, which carries a potential penalty of 1-4 years in Nevada State Prison and a fine of up to $5,000. ADA Aaron Thomas said under plea negotiations, the state will remain silent. Defense Attorney Roberto Puentes Jr. asked for diversion through drug court. Vera-Torres, when asked by Judge Stockard if he wants to attend the Western Regional Drug Court, replied, “Yes, if that helps make me a better person.” Fees and assessments were imposed, and the proceedings were suspended until the defendant completes drug court. He will be on probation for 12-24 months with standard conditions applied. 
Stacy Lynn Arias failed to appear for an arraignment. Public Defender Jacob Sommer stated he did not know why Arias was not present. He asked for a 2-week continuance to attempt to contact her. Court Services reported Arias has missed 6 testing days. ADA Thomas asked a warrant be issued. The judge ordered a Bench Warrant. 

Hayley Ann Riebel appeared for arraignment. Brenda Ingram with Court Services told the court Riebel has not been showing up for testing and when she tested today, the test showed positive for methamphetamine. PD Charles Woodman said, “She’s showing some positive momentum,” and he asked for “significant consideration on my client’s behalf today.” He asked Riebel remain out of custody so she can gain employment and check in daily with Court Services while the case is continued for a week or two as Riebel cannot be arraigned while she is testing positive. ADA Thomas said the state asks the defendant to be remanded back into custody due to her positive test today and her history with Court Services until she tests clean so she can be arraigned. The judge continued the case until March 14. Reibel is to remain out of custody. She is to test daily with Court Services. The judge told the defendant that if she misses a test, he will issue a warrant. 

Jillian Olivia Yesslith failed to appear for sentencing on the charge of Grand Larceny of Personal Goods or Property which she pled guilty to on January 31. Court Services reported that on February 13, Yesslith told them she would be appearing for tes

ting, and she does not want to speak any further without her attorney. She has missed four random tests. A Bench Warrant was issued. 
David Flores-Saucedo appeared for sentencing on the Gross Misdemeanor Charge of Unlawful Possess, Sell, or Offer to Sell, Transfer, Purchase, Transport, or Receive a Firearm Without a Serial Number. ADA Lane Mills explained there was a video of the incident that showed the defendant did pull a gun, but he did not point it at anybody, he kept it pointed down.
PD Wright Noel asked for probation for Flores-Saucedo. There had been prior altercations, and the defendant had reached his boiling point. The defendant has since relocated to avoid future conflict. He made the gun, which has been confiscated by the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office. Flores-Saucedo stated he could have handled the situation better and it was “an experience that shouldn’t have happened.” He received a suspended sentence of 364 in Churchill County Jail and was placed on probation for 12 months with standard conditions applied. He was ordered not to possess any firearms while on probation. Fees and assessments were imposed. 

Hannah Marlene Cole, in custody, appeared for a Competency Hearing. The judge stated he has received evaluations from two doctors. Following discussion regarding the evaluations, the judge found Cole competent. He ordered her to remain in custody and set a Status Hearing for March 7.

Matthew Logan Spry, in custody, appeared for a Status Hearing regarding custodial status. Spry has 5 Category A Felony charges involving Lewdness with a minor and Sexual Assault on a minor. PD Sommer asked that Spry be released on his own recognizance, with an ankle bracelet. Although the defendant doesn’t have links to our community, he can stay with relatives in Winnemucca, or he can be monitored in Arizona where he is a resident. Sommer reminded the court Spry is presumed innocent until proven guilty. He said there is no criminal history or failure to appears that he is aware of and that the defendant knows a warrant would be issued if he failed to appear. Ingram said Court Services shows a warrant for Sexual Assault in Winnemucca. The judge said he shows a Domestic Violence and Failure to Appear from Union Justice Court in Winnemucca.

ADA Sanford said the state opposes OR release as the defendant is a flight risk as he doesn’t live in Nevada. She said these are very serious charges and Spry is a safety risk. “Unfortunately, with these charges, an ankle monitor does not prevent these types of offenses.” She said these are “the most scariest offenses” and “we have to protect our young individuals.” Sanford said the defendant’s girlfriend texted the 12-year-old victim saying just drop the charges and he’ll go get treatment. She concluded by saying due to the totality of the circumstances, the defendant should stay in custody. “He is a flight risk, and he is a risk to the community and all the vulnerable young people he comes in contact with.” The judge stated the defendant has very minimal ties to Churchill County, he has a criminal history dating back to 2004 and Winnemucca has a hold on Spry for a Sexual Assault with a Child Under 14 years of age, which has bondable bail of $500,000. Due to the severity of the potential sentences, the judge ruled bail is necessary and set the amount at $600,000 bondable.

Kurt Arne-Henning Carlson, in custody, appeared for a Competency Hearing. The judge stated he has received evaluations from Dr. Amy Peterson and Dr. Melissa Piasecki. Both doctors found Carlson to be able to understand the nature of his charges, able to understand the nature and purpose of the court proceedings, and able to aid and assist his counsel. Stockard found Carlson to be competent and set trial for June 28 - 30.

Michael Jacob Casey, in custody, appeared for Judicial Review regarding Competency. Judge Stockard had evaluations from two doctors. Both doctors reported Casey was found to not be competent. Both doctors believe Casey may be treated to competency on an inpatient basis. The judge found the defendant is currently not competent. Casey was ordered to remain detained until inpatient treatment at Lake’s Crossing can be secured. A Status Hearing was set for August 29.



Teresa Moon



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