Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

  • 2023-02-17, 05:48 AM
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes
February 17 - 23

We all have so much to learn from the special insight and compassion that Pisces has to offer. Their inner light has been a lantern in the dark for so many who have lost their own way. To all the Pisces who have birthdays coming up, enjoy your time in the Sun and have a Happy Birthday!


Aries — Happiness comes from overcoming any obstacles that are holding you back from your innate courage and capacity for compassion. Let your light shine this week.


Taurus — Inner strength comes not from the force of resistance, but from learning how to overcome it. What you resist — persists. Escape the past through forgiveness.


Gemini — There is a time to speak up and a time to move on. Take the opportunity to speak your mind, and then you can move on. Acting on your instinct is your strength.


Cancer — Reclaim your power this week by firmly placing both feet in the present time. Dwelling too much on future outcomes and possibilities is draining your power.


Leo — Pain is your strength if you allow it to be your teacher and you a willing student. Be careful not to confuse it with martyrdom, it is to be felt, processed, and healed.


Virgo — Determination of the mind to overcome another kind of determination that may not be serving your best interests. Your mental powers are at work this week - listen.


Libra — A secure future is your strength this week, that if kept in mind, will help you overcome any worries about needing things stable right now. Focus on the long term.


Scorpio — Discard the robes of betrayal and you will be able to rise up to that lofty ideal you hold for yourself. Your higher purpose is guiding you to become one with it.


Sagittarius — Dissatisfaction breeds the need for change. This week you will have the power to change your perspective, rather than external factors in your life. Shift.


Capricorn — You have the courage to pursue what is important and significant to you this week. Let your passion be your guide to open your road and overcome obstacles.


Aquarius — Emotional independence is blurry. Missed opportunity is in focus. Now you can see how one is affecting the other. You hold yourself back if you're out of focus.


Pisces — Emboldened to put yourself out there and stand up for yourself helps you feel your inner strength this week. Know your personal power and its internal source.




Rebekah Dahl



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