Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: January 20-26

  • 2023-01-21, 09:32 AM
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: January 20-26

This week we feel the influences of taking responsibility for overcoming our grudges, facing the situations where we are settling in our relationships, and facing the fears of correcting the injustices through being more supportive and relaxing our defenses. Thanks to Venus and Saturn getting together (conjunct)… let the healing begin.

Aries__ focus on using your inner resources this week will help you free yourself from an undesirable situation. It’s best to keep your plans to yourself while you gather your resources and work out the details. Your head is ready to take action, but your emotions may be what hold you back. Putting some emotional distance between yourself and the situation is ideal but could be challenging. Your strength is in your secret plans.

Taurus__ your strength is the freedom that comes from closure, bringing something to an end, or desiring a successful outcome that you are willing to take a risk for. Knowing you want this to work out will help you overcome your shadow: lack of initiative. Your obstacle may be finding the courage to take the lead, but for happy endings, small sacrifices are worth it.

Gemini__ a little breakthrough or a break-down leads to significant changes for the better. Your strength is to focus on the outcome; (very similar to Taurus) and flow through the process naturally by letting go of any need for support. This decision for a successful outcome is yours alone, and should not be based on any outside influence. Take a risk straight from your heart.

Cancer__ face the obstacle of the week by getting off the emotional plateau. Rather than staying emotionally stuck, you’ll have the strength to take action by accepting that you don’t need to know the outcome. You’ll find freedom from the need to control the situation and instead focus that energy on choosing yourself. Invest your energy in something you love.

Leo__ you have the power to let go of what ultimately you know is not right for you. This may come with regret or sadness, knowing you have to turn down an opportunity or to say no to someone. You may have to let go of one thing in order to choose the other. Overcome your shadow of insecurity by listening to your intuition — and following it.

Virgo__ lack of ambition, no desire to fight for it, or just being afraid to engage could be holding you back this week. You become aware of this and it becomes your strength, as you do wish to express your feelings or ideas. Your awareness has the power to knock down the dominoes of excuses so you can focus on regaining trust and doing the right thing.

Libra__ your desire for things to succeed is your strength this week. This will take you through realizing you must make a decision, work through emotional support, think about your future, and pursue what you love by facing the risk factor or facing regret later on. Waiting on love to prove itself to you first before you make a move will only hold you back. Rather than wait for it, dare to be love, dare to fight for love.

Scorpio__ defeat, it loosens the vice and allows you to release yourself from the struggle, the conflict, or the obsession. Now that you can think a little more clearly, ask yourself what you really want. Let go of the belief that they won’t cooperate with you. The energy of reciprocity is present, you just have to make the choice and believe in yourself enough to try again.

Sagittarius__ the areas of your life that feel stuck are becoming quite clear this week. Don’t let indecision hold you back, or believe that things won’t improve. Your strength is overthinking, only because it will eventually lead you to take action and speak your mind. Whatever you have been holding on to can now be released, restoring and opening your channels of energy.

Capricorn__ a new level of understanding power and control reveals itself this week in your inner world. Your strength is seeing how to let go of what you cannot control in another person and turn that focus instead on what you can control within yourself. Letting go of trying to force a situation allows you to come home to yourself and strengthen your own personal power.

Aquarius__ break-out energy, engaging, vigor — what great strength you have this week. Focus on this moving-forward, choosing-what-you-want, and going-for-it-energy to overcome any old obstacles where you may have been pushing away thoughts. Not thinking about it won’t make it go away. You’re on the right track to making an important change in your life.

Pisces__ you may not feel like expressing love to your partner due to the fear that if you try to work it out, you’ll end up right back where the conflict lies. Although, there is energy present to have faith in what you want and be able to lead the way. Your strength is knowing you need to face your fears, become cooperative, find your inner strength, and do what is right.


Rebekah Dahl



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