Letter to the Editor - LGBTQ resources removed

  • 2022-05-16, 05:30 AM (update 2022-05-16, 05:43 AM)
  • Kate Morris
Letter to the Editor - LGBTQ resources removed
From Kate Morris, mother

I recently read that some resources for LGBTQ youth were removed for Fallon Middle Schoolers. I have so many questions. I can’t see all the resources that were available, but from what I have been able to see, some were entirely inappropriate for Middle School, i.e. 12 year olds.  Aside from telling young kids how to bind breasts, tuck penises and browse gender rebirth clothing, children were directed to the Trevor Project.

A quick visit to the Project website is enough to make a parent go on edge. Not just because they awarded Lil Nas X their prestigious Suicide Prevention Advocate award (if you don’t recognize that name, a YouTube search is in order because some things you just have to see to grasp the absolute absurdity and betrayal that that kind of influence gets elevated as a role model from a school supplied resource.) And it’s not just because children are paired up with counselors you can’t see or verify but can only hope are trustworthy. And it’s not just the chat room where 13-year-old children bond with adults who are up to 24 years old discussing what you hope is wholesome, but your entire online experience suggests otherwise. It is because within moments of arriving at the site, a visitor is told to triple tap anywhere at any time to close the browser and erase the browser history. What exactly is that function for? I’m told harrowing tales of good intentions but in practice I can only see it as excluding parents and removing the best advocate a child can ever have.

I don’t care how cool or empathizing someone might be, NO one can love or support my child more than I do. Anyone who postures in any way to leave me out or cut me off from being my child’s advocate does not have their best interest in mind and should not have any legitimacy from a school. And frankly I’m not haughty enough to suppose that other parents don’t feel the same for their own precious children.

The resources are currently down, but I doubt permanently.

To those supposing my approval of removing THESE resources means I don’t support youth; you can love and support children in many ways without handing them matches and gasoline and saying “we love you and support you and trust you can use these appropriately.” When a school supplies resources, people [kids] naturally assume those to be safe and acceptable. Giving kids at such a young age school-facilitated access to sites that encourage and enable hiding life-altering information from parents is wrong. Full stop.

To we who are called the silent majority - why are you silent? Do you take comfort in supposing you’re politely correct, but your values aren’t worth your voice? These are your children. Regardless of the names or accusations that may come your way, they are worth it to stand up for what is true. This just serves as a reminder that no matter how small or conservative you think your town is, no leash is too short when it comes to those who can come between you and your children. Your attention, effort, voice, and presence need to stand as your child’s vigil.

-Kate Morris


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Kate Morris



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RS 2022-05-16, 09:24 AM
No one is claiming you're a bad parent personally, Kate, but I think you're failing to see that the Trevor Project isn't a bunch of random people online. It's one of the biggest suicide prevention groups out there and the information they give is backed by decades of research. And your comment about how teens and tweens are expected to bond with adults without their parents around... that's how schools, the majority of therapy settings, daycares, and the majority of mentorship programs operate. The fact that you think the Trevor Project can't be trusted when implicitly you think schools can be suggests that the additional scrutiny is based on the fact this is an LGBT organization, which to me stinks of the "groomer" rhetoric being increasingly used to justify homo- and transphobic legislation nationwide.

Your call to the "silent majority"- you're right. No matter how conservative this town is, I shouldn't be afraid to speak up. My values are worth my voice, and my values are ensuring our lgbt youth get the love and respect they deserve, and that education about what they're going through becomes widespread so that the next generation doesn't suffer the type of abuse I saw towards my gay and trans classmates every day while I was growing up.

Trans rights are human rights. Gay rights are human rights. Both are protected under Nevada law, but apparently, they still need to be fought for in this town.