What's Cooking in Kelli's Kitchen - Annie's Make a Wish Ice Cream

  • 2021-10-17, 06:30 PM (update 2021-10-18, 03:04 PM)
  • Kelli Kelly
What's Cooking in Kelli's Kitchen - Annie's Make a Wish Ice Cream Kelli Kelly Annie at Sand Hill Dairy

I’ve had a really amazing week. I had the pleasure of hosting a delightful young lady named Annie and her family, who are up from Las Vegas to have a Farm Experience through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You will be hearing much more about Fallon’s newest fan, Annie, and her family in the next issues. When I first learned about Annie and her wish, I paid special attention to the fact that she wanted to learn how to make ice cream.  

Ice cream is really the perfect way to learn about farms because without farms we would never have ice cream. The efforts of the smallest bees and the largest dairy cow combined with the products raised on our farms are all essential to craft a tasty bowl of ice cream. A wise man once told me that bees make ice cream. The busy bee pollinates the alfalfa flowers. The alfalfa feeds the cows. The cows make the milk and cream. The bees make honey and without bees we wouldn’t have fruit. Thank goodness for bees. 

While most of my days are filled with fun things, this week is the manifestation of about 6 months of planning and realized through the coming together of so many kind-hearted giving people in our community. I want to take a few moments to thank all of the people who helped me make this experience possible.  

Colby, Ashley, and the team at Frey Ranch - I am so grateful that you were willing to open up your property to host Annie and her family in your guest house. They truly were able to have a home base where they could decompress, explore the ranch, snuggle the bunnies, and share time together 

Jim & the county crew - Annie was so delighted to get to ride a horse and cuddle the piglets. Thank you for creating a safe arena for her to ride, for leading her mount around by the reins (all the steps), and for all the other ways you set the bar high for her Fallon Farm experience. 

Rebecca and Adrienne - You took the time to make sure that Annie was outfitted like a proper cowgirl. You taught her how to wear her hat and stack her jeans. And, of course, the baby goats. 

Rick, B-Ann, Kali, Cameron, Sabrina, Don (and all the rest of the Lattin crew) - Between gathering eggs & petting turkeys, making scarecrows and picking the perfect pumpkin, cow trains, hayrides, and even a dragon, I don’t think a better all-around harvest time farm experience could be found. 

Isidro - without your cows, Annie’s ice cream wouldn’t have been the same. Your delicious chocolate milk shook our non-dairy guy to his core. For the calf, the tractor, the milking, and your generous heart, I appreciate you. 

Kim & Kylie - Your beauty and the beauty of your farm will bless Annie and her family with gorgeous blooms for years to come. 

Chase - Your impact in teaching people to love cooking is going to make a difference for generations. Thank you for helping Annie and her family make their first ever homemade ice cream and for equipping them with the knowledge of how to do it anytime they want. 

Annie’s Fallon adventures aren’t over yet. Since I have a deadline to get this missive into print, I offer my ample early thanks to all of you who we will see tomorrow 

Mayor Tedford, Nicole, the Fallon Police Department, and our beloved firefighters - so many thanks. 

Lucy and Sara - Never Don’t, I couldn’t do any of this without you. 


The Fallon Chamber and the Historic Fallon Theatre - Thank you for hosting Annie’s ice cream celebration. 

So many thanks. So much gratitude. More than anything, I am grateful to live in a community filled with people who rise to the occasion of creating a meaningful and memorable experience for a special little girl. People who collectively ask, “how can we help” and who do it selflessly and joyfully.   

Kelli Kelly -Slinger of Produce. Slurper of Dumplings. Person of the Bean.

Annie’s Ice Cream


3 c Sand Hill Dairy whole milk 

2 c white sugar 

5 c Sand Hill Dairy heavy cream 

2 T pure vanilla 



Combine milk and sugar. Stir vigorously until dissolved. 

Stir in heavy cream and vanilla extract. Mix well 

Pour into a prepared ice cream churn and run according to manufacturer’s directions. 

When the ice cream has thickened, sneak a couple of bites, and then scoop into a container and freeze until hard set. 

Enjoy as is or top with every amazing sundae topping you can think of. 


Kelli Kelly



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