Letter to the Editor -- County Commission, Martha Carlson

  • 2021-08-30, 08:36 AM
  • Rachel Dahl
Letter to the Editor -- County Commission, Martha Carlson

I have read the article by Rachel Dahl concerning the mask-constitution debate before the commissioners last week, the editorial by Kelli Kelly, and the editorial by Brook Allen. I thought it prudent to speak personally to the commissioners rather than having the anti-mask, Constitution-pounding radicals speak for me as they attempted to do during the last commissioners' meeting.

Whether you want to wear a mask or not didn't seem to be the issue during the haranguing of the Fallon commissioners, but the blatant attempt to bully and threaten Fallon's elected officials (who seemed, in my humble opinion, to be quite civil) into supporting the opponents' constitutional agenda. Before you attempt to speak for me perhaps you might want to know my opinion rather than assuming it is in line with yours.

I am quite happy with the stand these officials have taken on masks, the convention center (which will most likely benefit local businesses), and the careful forethought given to the loss of government revenue (again benefiting local citizens). I want to thank the Fallon commissioners for their time, careful study of current issues, and for standing in the face of those who would usurp my constitutional right to my beliefs. Please have no fear of reprisal from the loudest voices in opposition. The silent majority is very quietly behind you. Keep up the good work. You are more appreciated than you will ever know ... or hear. 

Martie Carlson


Rachel Dahl



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Carol Johnson 2021-08-30, 05:13 PM
Very well put. I agree with you that the commissioners are doing an excellent job. Hopefully others will speak up.
Dallas Arrowsmith
Dallas Arrowsmith 2021-08-30, 10:07 AM
Question? How can you enjoy your constitutional rights? If you're dead from the virus?