Captain’s Log – Wading in Where Fools Fear to Tread

  • 2021-06-12, 05:47 AM (update 2021-06-12, 05:52 AM)
  • Rachel Dahl
Captain’s Log – Wading in Where Fools Fear to Tread Rachel Dahl The second mate

There is team singing happening right now. Thursday nights are a hoot around this place while we’re getting your paper ready. We’ve all about gone around the bend, and there are off-key refrains of “Sweet Caroline” being belted through 152 Industrial Way. My only regret in life is my dreadful lack of ability to carry a tune. I have only one note, and it is not pretty. The team harmony is always a little off… “touching me, touching you -- Ba ba ba.”

I was working on a story earlier about the Commissioners doing the tax assessment on water users because of the Department of Water Resources – it’s an important story, but complicated because explaining taxes is intimidating to me. But it got sidelined and will probably go online tomorrow morning. We needed the space for the Senior Center story.

When I was a kid I remember people always getting mad cause “that damn paper didn’t get our story in.” I’m telling you, that concept is finally coming clear. The paper has been so full lately and we’re in a constant “roll” putting things off for next week. By the time Thursday morning rolls around we’re nearly full for the following week’s paper. What a gas.

Oh! We got name suggestions for Jerry’s brother… you people really get into this. We got these:

  • Postie McNewsBox – another vague reference to seafaring that we love so much
  • Zippy – Quick to get your paper and our local zip code nickname

Remember this next box goes at the Post Office and then we promised one to Ana’s Restaurant. Keep the name suggestions coming, this is fun.

Speaking of which, “Fun Fact” has also become a catchphrase at the office. We were talking about this cute student I used to have who would come into class and invariably begin the day with this lead-in: “Fun Fact about me, Ms. Dahl…”

Fun Fact: I just got threatened with paybacks from Zip, who’s still bitter that I hoodwinked him into the Cantaloupe Festival committee. That was so long ago, I think he should be over it by now, but here he is the Chairman and they’re doing the King and Queen contest tonight at the Fallon Theatre. He said if I show up to cover it, he’s making me the Cantaloupe Festival Queen. Needless to say, we won’t be covering that particular event.

We will, however, be here…

…keeping you posted.




Rachel Dahl



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