Ask the Owl – Campaign Signs are Still Up, What’s the Deal?

  • 2021-04-17, 01:24 PM (update 2021-05-23, 02:15 PM)
  • Rachel Dahl
Ask the Owl – Campaign Signs are Still Up, What’s the Deal?

We get a lot of questions at the paper – from who to contact for various issues to “when is my brother going to court” you name it we’ve been asked it. We thought it might be fun to answer some of these for everyone since many of the questions feel like if one person is asking probably ten more are wondering as well.  Make sure if you have a question about something going on in the community that you email us at [email protected] or call the office and talk to Ginny at 423-4545.

Here’s the query for this week – “I am wondering why no one has addressed the election signs still up all over the valley. There is a NV law that they be removed after a certain time from when the election results are in, and that is not happening here. I am growing weary of the Trump/Pence banners and signs everywhere. Please help me understand why they are still up.”-–local reader

According to the Campaign Guide published by the Office of the Nevada Secretary of State, campaign signs placed along interstate and primary highways are to be removed no later than thirty days after the election. Nevada Department of Transportation guidelines say political signs erected on private property that is adjacent to a state highway must be removed within 30 days after the election.

However, there are still several Trump signs up in various places around the valley. One small sign is located in the easement on Rice Road, but most of the signs are quite large and are located on private property. One business owner said, “no, I’m not going to take down my sign and no one is going to make me.” 

A call to the NDOT office in Sparks yielded the response that, “if the sign is on private property, there’s not much we can do.” Campaign signs that are found to be in the NDOT right of way are removed and kept at the nearest NDOT district office.

Violations can be reported to the Nevada Department of Transportation at 775-888-7000.

Rachel Dahl



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XOXO 2021-04-29, 06:35 AM
It is not a political thing as much as a safety and appearance issue. In Reno/Sparks signs tend to be put up to be visible to drivers, especially at intersections, and some signs are so huge that their removal is a necessity when the election is over. As far as houses go, in Reno/Sparks people put them in a yard and take them down because people are more conscious of aesthetics and CCR’s or codes to keep neighborhoods attractive and to keep property values up. It is not a political thing at all. Out here there are no codes, so you are free to not maintain your property or to start a junk car lot in your yard, so the year-round signs are more acceptable in Fallon. A sign doesn’t devalue a house that hasn’t been painted in years or has dead landscaping. It’s the Fallon version of freedom- freedom to not maintain the value of your real estate investment.
joyce_barnes 2021-04-28, 12:38 PM
Obviously, this is a touchy subject for those of us who believe this election was stolen and that Trump is still our 'real' President. Private property signs shouldn't be an irritation to anyone except the left. Trump supporters are a close family of Patriots and flying our flags and posting our signs is important to us. It's a shame our country has come to a point where others can tell us what to do and expect us to do it. Snitching and complaining about your neighbors has become the right thing to do. No wonder Trump flags are still flying. Trump is a patriot who loves this country and we will always support that!
Kay 2021-04-18, 09:41 AM
Who’s the business owner so we know to avoid
joyce_barnes 2021-04-28, 12:38 PM
Or who to support!