Divorces March 2021

  • 2021-04-11, 05:00 AM
  • Source: 10th Judicial District Court
Divorces March 2021
The following divorces were granted in the 10th Judicial District Court March 2021.

Decree of Divorce Default 3/29

Arneson, Christina Lynne v. Nielsen, Jason Ray Decree of Divorce 3/5

Barnard, Russel v. Barnard, Anessa Breanne Decree of Divorce 3/11

Behrednt, Amber v. Weatherford, Lindsay Decree of Divorce 3/11

Bellacera, Cindy Leigh v. Bellacera, Robert Lawrence Decree of Divorce 3/31

Biggs, Dustin Michaeel v. Biggs, Melissa Lee Decree of Divorce 3/15

Bogan, Joanna M v. Francisco, Miles L Decree of Divorce 3/26

Booth, Laurie A v. Booth, Curtis R Decree of Divorce Default 3/17

Brasil, Tyler Matthew v. Deboma, Tawni Lyn Decree of Divorce 3/1

Clark, Jazmin v. Cotton, Chandler I. Jr. Decree of Annulment 3/1

Coday, Christopher Kyle v. Coday, Yekiyleyah Magdiel v. Decree of Divorce 3/17

Davis, Mckenna Rene v. Cossman, Jacob Cory Decree of Divorce 3/15

De Dios, Nelly v. De Dios, Benjamin Jr. Decree Divorce 3/29

DeSelms, Erin Audrey v. Connelly, Evan Michael Decree of Divorce 3/24

Dworzan, Cory v. Dworzan, Chere Decree of Divorce 3/24

Fowler, Edward Owen II v. Fowler, Tracey Ellen Decree of Divorce 3/11

Gisca, Calin v. Bernadette, Gisca Kiahna Decree of Annulment 3/31

Jeffers, Rose v. Jeffers, Joseph Decree of Divorce 3/11

Jones, Azucena v. jones, Devin Dvante Decree of Divorce 3/11

Kahele, Paul K.A. v. Matutis, Grace Quillosa Decree of Divorce 3/17

Kalb, George Jeffrey v. Hadland, Leslie Decree of Annulment 3/2

Kalu, Christopher Keller v. Pate, Victoria Maree Decree of Divorce 3/31

Kinney, Christopher v. Myers-Jackson, Ivy Decree of Divorce 3/31

Kontny, Shawna Lee v. Kontny, John Charles Decree of Divorce 3/1

Kuhn, Maria v. Armenta, Bryan Ralph Decree of Divorce 3/1

Lamoreau, Edwin Paul v. Starr, Hallie Jean decree of Annulement Default 3/29

Lyons, Scott T. v. Pagel-Lyons, Cassidy Decree of Divorce 3/18

Meftah, Zakaria v. Brooks, Zoe Alexandra Decree of Divorce 3/31

Mello, Wendy Jean v. Mello, Scott Allen Decree of Divorce 3/2

Mendoza, Maurizio Alessandro Zaghen v. Tippetts, Alyssa Rayn Decree of Annulment 3/24

Moeller, Dorris v. Reeves, Thomas L. Decree of Divorce 3/22

Otten, Russell J. v. Otten, Deinse C. Decree of Divorce 3/3

Perretta, Stephen Michael v. Alcaraz Pais, Maria Isabel Decree of Divorce 3/3

Piekarski, Amber Rose v. Piekarski, Zachary Kenneth Decree of Divorce 3/11

Reals, Alyssa Diane v. Reals, David Charles Decree of Divorce 3/8

Reid, Tommy Laverne v. Reid, Lorna Brecio Decree of Divorce 3/11

Rios Jordan v. Torregroza, Greimy Decree of Annulment 3/3

Shidler, Ken Allen v. Shidler, Teresa Louise Decree of Divorce 3/26

Sifuentez, Fernando v. Velasquez, Maria Guadalupe Decree of Annulment 3/17

Slim, Marie Cris v. Archie, Jeffrey Dariell Decree of Divorce 3/17

Smith, Adwin Orlando v. Smith Jilliam Marie Decree of Divorce 3/15

Snyder, William G. v. Snyder, Heather Decree of Divorce 3/11

Spicer, Steven Jr. v. Spicer, hannah Decree of Divorce 3/1

Sponaugle, Karen Irene v. Sponaugle, Harlen jay Decree of Divorce 3/26

Spruill, Shiela Ciralsky v. Spruill, Chauncey <ichael Decree of Divorce Default 3/29

St. Christopher, David John v. St. Christopher, Lodie Supreston Maria Boyd Decree of Annulment 3/22

Stabile, Olivia Mercedes v. Combs, Kylar Charles Decree of Annulment 3/11

Stuardo, Nicole Marie v. Jouini, Abdelhedi Decree of Divorce Default 3/5

Tyree, Benjamin Noel v. Tyree, Jordan Leigh Decree of Divorce 3/3

Wideman, Richard Walton v. Wideman Sherry Lynn Decree of Divorce 3/29

Wilson, Angle Cicy v. Wilson, Andre Chevill Decree of Divorce 3/24

Wilson, Rusty Alan v. Young, Ashley Lynne Decree of Annulment 3/11

Source: 10th Judicial District Court



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