Student Work -- Logos Christian Academy

  • 2021-03-26, 12:03 PM
  • Rachel Dahl
Student Work -- Logos Christian Academy

Seventh and Eighth grade students from Logos Christian Academy delivered reasons that The Hobbit reflect teachings within The Bible. Mason Storm wrote this response:

“The Hobbit is a book that is full of things that Philippians 4:8 tells us to look for as Christians. This verse tells us that we should look for things that are true, lovely, honorable, commendable, just, excellent, and worthy of praise. This book has all of these features contained within it. There are characters and scenes that show truth and excellence. One true person in The Hobbit was Bilbo. He was loyal and stayed with the dwarves through all of their hardships, when he would have just left. God did not abandon mankind because He care about us so much that He sent His Son to save us. Another true person was Bard. He saved the city and stayed to lead the people of Lake Town instead of abandoning them and seeking refuge for himself. This book has many lovely scenes contained within it. One of these scenes is when the group descends into the valley of the elves where Lerond lives. It is full of singing and beautiful vegetation that shows how God created a wonderful place for us to live in. Another lovely thing is Beorn and how he takes care of the animals. He uses what God provides for us in our lives to wisely care for the land. An honorable thing is when Balin went down the tunnel with Bilbo when no one else would. This is honorable because he wanted to help even when he was scared. Another honorable thing was when the dwarves went to save Bilbo from the trolls. They could have left and gotten a new burglar, but they stayed and tried to help the burglar they already had. Some commendable act in The Hobbit are when Bard killed Smaug and how Bilbo saved the dwarves from the spiders. bard saved the townspeople and freed the area from Smaug’s ire. Bilbo saved the dwarves from a terrible fate of being slowly eaten by the spiders. This is commendable just like when Jesus came and died on the cross to save mankind from sin. Smaug was finally defeated and that was just because he had been the case of many deaths and hardships. This is like when God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Comorrah because they were full of sinning people. One more just part was how the trolls got what they deserved for killing and eating travelers. One excellent part of the story was when Thorin forgave Bilbo for stealing the Arkenstone. This is like how if we ask to be forgiven, God will forgive us. Bilbo thought that doing the right thing was more important than having money. He offered to give the Arkenstone away and receive no other payment. There are many things that are worthy of praise in The Hobbit. One of these is how Thorin put aside his anger and decided to help the people in the Battle of the Five Armies. Jesus came to help us even when we didn’t deserve it. This worthy of praise because He didn’t have anything to gain. These are values that Philippians 4:8 tells us to look for. The Hobbit is full of these things and portrays them well. This book is great at showing these values, and it is smart to look for them in everyday life. God gave us the ability to notice values so we should use it.”

Second graders from Logos Christian Academy also wrote about their two favorite colors, which can be read here.



Rachel Dahl



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