Planning Commission Approves County Master Plan

  • 2021-03-19, 09:00 AM
  • Jo Petteruti
Planning Commission Approves County Master Plan File photo

The last Planning Commission meeting, held in the County Commission Chambers, moved quickly in light of a full agenda.

The first application was for the renewal of a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) filed by Gary Sinclair for property at 1015 Dean Lane, however the applicant was not present so the item was tabled. The next two items were also TUP requests, and both were unanimously approved. One was for property located at 7977 Reno Highway filed by Peggy Ogden who proposed to place an RV on her acre property for her elderly sister to reside in so that the family can care for her. The second one was for property located at 4755 Silver Sage Lane that Kelly Rogne submitted to place an RV on the site for a commercial 24-hour watchman needed for overnight security and assistance with the 24 horses kept there.

The next TUP up for consideration was a request for temporary quarters for hardship/caretaker filed by Debra Suzette Timerson, however it was tabled due to the conflicting information and lack of owner attendance. The site is located at 950 South Taylor Street, formerly known as Tom's Trailer Park which lost its trailer park license in 2008. Timerson proposed to reside in an RV on the property to help care for Celesta Hall, resident property owner. Timerson stated that she and her father both live in the trailer park and both do various chores such as errands, repairs and cleaning up of the property for Ms. Hall. The Staff Report stated, “Another RV recently showed up on the site. This means that the number of dwellings increased again without land use permits. The owner of the new RV is the applicant, who has requested the temporary quarters permit to be the caretaker for the owner, who is 91 years old. This application is a result of enforcement action.” Timerson also stated that they just pay for their electric use at the site, they do not pay rent. The commissioners questioned the residential use of property within in a commercial zone. A letter from Ms. Hall was also read into the record which stated that Timerson was not her caretaker.

Two Special Use Permit (SUP) applications were also received. One was filed by Richard Myers to authorize the operation of a Vehicle/Equipment Service and Repair business and a Waste Collection Service business located at 3505 Pflum Lane in an A-5 zoning district. The Commissioners voted five in favor and one opposed, subject to conditions and requirements from the Commissioners and the Staff Report. The second SUP was filed by Randy Terrel and represented by Mike Munoz for property located at 4525 and 4565 Beacon Way. This request was for unloading, storage and loadout of hay and storage of other equipment for the business. Munoz estimated that there would be 12 truck trips in and out of the site per day. The application was approved by all subject to conditions as listed in the Staff Report.

A third SUP was filed for a Rail-based Industrial Park by Fernley Business Park, LLC for property located at 11000 Reno Highway, an industrial zoning district, and was unanimously approved subject to conditions as listed in the Staff Report. The proposal is for an expansion of the railroad sidings and trans-loading operations (loading from truck to rail car, or rail car to truck), and to remove, replace, and redesign the entire rail spur.

The Churchill County Master Plan 2020 was presented and approved. It was noted that multiple reviews and public hearings for the plan have been held over the past 18 months allowing ample time for public input. As stated on the meeting agenda, “The Master Plan provides the vision and goals for the community, promoting smart growth, and a strong and diversified economic base through programs and policies.” The Planning Commissioners approved the resolution to accept the Master Plan as presented, then voted to forward the plan to the County Board of Commissioners for their approval.

The last action item was to request a Parcel Map to split a large agricultural and residential lot into two lots of 1.07 and 46.8 acre for property located off Shindler Road. The application was approved by all subject to conditions in the Staff Report.


Jo Petteruti



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