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  • 2020-05-05, 06:48 AM
  • Rachel Dahl
Message to Members of The Fallon Post Friends trade the products of their talents -- essential oil disinfectant, handmade masks, and sourdough start
Editor/Publisher Rachel Dahl sends a message out to subsribers/members

The following was sent to members yesterday as a "Monday Message" -- 

Good Morning, Fallon! I hope everyone is doing well in this crazy time. Sloan (the 17-year-old daughter, high school junior) and I have been cooped up doing “Learning from a Distance” and working on the newspaper. We’ve planted some potential vegetables, perfected the sourdough break making, and now we’re working on kombucha. That has been fascinating – if you don’t know, kombucha is a healthy drink you make using a live “SCOBY” which is short for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Doesn’t that sound amazing??

It’s been really fun to finally get to doing some of those “someday” activities. I was thinking it might be a nice little article to put together some of those “someday” things we’ve all been doing. Why don’t you take a minute and reply to this email, or send a note to [email protected] and let me know a couple of the things you’ve been doing during this time of “social distancing” and staying at home – and send a photo! I’ll write that up for the paper so we can all enjoy each other’s adventures.

One of my dear friends told me a great story the other day about how she’s been interacting with her clients. So many people have expressed their concern and fears about this new way of living. When she noticed how often it was happening, she started asking them to think about a time in their life when they had to be brave. This sweet friend of mine has overcome some major hurdles in life, one being the loss of a young daughter to brain cancer. Her clients know she speaks from experience and a great deal of resilience. They have been able to share some really amazing stories with her and have come to realize how easy it is to change our thinking when we actively try.

I want to take just a minute to give a special thank you to all of you who have contributed over the past few weeks to the paper. It has really helped fill in for the loss of advertising revenue we’ve gone through as our local businesses have tightened their belts. Thank you thank you for your support.

Have a great week,




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Rachel Dahl



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