Announcements -- Haugen Family in Need of Support

  • 2021-02-15, 11:05 AM (update 2021-02-15, 12:00 PM)
  • Rachel Dahl
Announcements -- Haugen Family in Need of Support The Haugen Family

Our sweet Daddy, and our Mama’s sweet husband of 31 years, is currently in the ICU at Renown fighting for his life. He found out 2 weeks ago he had Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, which resulted in liver cirrhosis. He scheduled the necessary appointments and we were all ready to help him navigate the next steps on his journey to getting better. Unfortunately, his body had a different plan and things progressed so much faster than any of us could have ever anticipated. He got sepsis and has been intubated since Tuesday. Our wonderful Mama has stayed strong and has not left his side. Dad's situation is very complicated and extremely serious. He is definitely in God's hands and his body has and will continue to answer the questions of what happens next. It is a miracle he has made it this far. He is a fighter. We appreciate all your love, prayers, and messages. Please continue to reach out to us and pray. It is helping our family, especially our sweet Mama, through this uncertain time. We truly have the most incredible village!

Many of you know this incredible man. He is an amazing husband, the sweetest daddy, and the best grandpa. Some may know him as Jon, some as Captain Haugen, others as Hogie. He may have been your DARE teacher, he may have been your tech support guy, he may have been the one to support you and guide you in your time of need, he may have been the one who saved your life or the life of your loved one. He is a protector, a caretaker, and the most genuine and selfless person we have ever met. Everything he does is for others. Taking care of everyone and welcoming everyone into his home, “there is always room for one more!”

Our dad protected and served this community for 27 years and has been the rock and the foundation of our family even longer. He was always so worried about us. From headaches to tummy aches, to the common cold he hated it when we didn’t feel good and would drop everything just to make sure we were okay, had what we needed, and got to feeling better. He has been the best grandpa and has taken care of his granddaughter Harper every single day for the last 3 years. Then when his granddaughter Emma and grandson Daxton were born that didn’t stop him from running the most incredible “daycare” with our mama. Between dances, diapers, bottles, rocking, and naps he handles those 3 so well! He is super grandpa! From day one he has taken care of our mom, us, our kids, and our community, and now it is our turn to take care of him.

Dad is awake, but his situation is still very complicated and extremely serious. He is definitely in God's hands, and his body has and will continue to answer the questions of what happens next. It is a miracle he's made it this far.

No matter what happens our sweet Mama needs more support than ever. We want to be sure to ease her mind with the medical expenses of Dad’s care at Renown and future expenses that will come with Hospice Care. 

We want to thank you all again for your love and prayers. Please continue to pray for our family! ♥️

The link for the GoFundMe site is:

Rachel Dahl



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