Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

  • 2023-03-17, 05:00 AM
  • Rachel Dahl
March 17 - 23 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Aries — Take a chance this week to pursue a goal or start a new adventure. You’ll have the strength to make the initial move forward. Tap into your hidden resources of which you have much to give to this new situation. Move forward by taking a supportive and encouraging role. Don’t wait to be rescued, you can do this.

Taurus — A situation has come to an end although it may not feel like it. The strength this week is trusting all will work out without having to know how. Allow yourself to let go of any worries or insecurities that are attached to the past. Move forward by focusing on the one thing you can control - You.

Gemini — Relief comes this week as you have the strength to release yourself from anxiety or worry. You may eventually need to do a little conflict resolution, but for now, freedom from worrying about it will help you see sometimes you just don’t see eye to eye with them. Move forward by letting go of thinking it will be contentious. When you are ready, you’ll find a way to put what is important first and lead the way.

Cancer — Compassion is your strength this week to be able to overcome any doubt that comes up about your person or project. Careful not to let another’s behavior alter your natural inclinations to be supportive and true to your healing instincts. This week, don’t let anyone push you into that quiet, reserved corner, instead, find the courage to act on your inner strengths - be true to your inner essence.

Leo — there may be something you have to sacrifice this week and knowing this brings you strength to focus on what you have right in front of you. This strength will help you let go of the unknown factors that may concern you and move forward toward what you know you can’t give up on. Be mindful of any matters dealing with fairness.

Virgo — there is strong energy to follow your dreams or hope that something will work out, but you’ll have to let go of some strong attachment that is keeping you held back from that dream, situation, or pursuit. This week you can find answers concerning your faith and move forward by facing the uncertainties that lie on your path to a successful outcome.

Libra — good, positive energy is your strength this week to overcome the procrastination of sorting out what you want to do about this and how you want to feel about it. Your blind spot is a desire to reconcile any hurt feelings or differences, so have faith in yourself. Show up and work it out.

Scorpio — a good motto for this week is: I have what I need and am grateful. This can help you to let go of what you cannot control, focus on happiness from within, and be that which you most desire of others. In this way, you can be supportive of yourself and show others just how you wish to be treated. This will bring you wonderful stability.

Sagittarius — creating your own stability is your strength this week. You don’t need the approval of another in order to move forward toward your goals or dreams. You may already be further along on your road toward a secure future than you realize. Face the possibilities and get to work, you’re on the right track.

Capricorn — this week you have the strength to be the mediator. Let go of any notion that engaging in conversation will put you back into a mental loop you worked hard on escaping from. It may feel like there is no point in talking, but this is what will help you move forward. Your autonomy is strong now and this will help you stay grounded through any communications you need to face.

Aquarius — all things do not have to be equal for you to be emotionally supportive. And this is really sinking in this week and becomes your strength to overcome any sense of slight or neglect you may be feeling. If you want something to be a source of comfort and fulfillment for yourself - do something this week to contribute to it.

Pisces — your strength this week is realizing just where you are underestimating yourself and settling for less. You deserve better in your life and you do not need another to validate your worth. Let go of the need for attention and make peace with your inner wisdom, what you know to be true.

Rachel Dahl



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