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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:06 PM

Logos Christian Academy Hosts Science Night, Apprecaites Teachers, and Celebrates Moms

Logos Christian Academy Hosts Science Night, Apprecaites Teachers, and Celebrates Moms
Emma Cline, Neel Bhakta, Sadie Whitaker. Photos courtesy of Logos.

Logos Christian Academy has been a happening place these last several weeks, as students, staff, and parents squeeze in as much as possible before the school year's end. 

Science Fair 

The science fair is a vibrant celebration of curiosity, innovation, and academic excellence. Held annually, it brings together students from all grade levels to showcase their scientific inquiries and discoveries. Walking through the rows of colorful displays, visitors are immersed in a world of creativity and scientific exploration.  

Beyond the impressive presentations, the science fair fosters student collaboration and inquiry. Through months of planning, experimenting, and analyzing results, participants deepen their understanding of scientific principles and develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.  

Every student in 3rd grade and up entered a science fair project. Congratulations to the winners.  Pictured below: Parents and students at annual Science Night. 

  • 3rd Grade 1st- Victoria Lenwell   2nd- Jake Kaster, 3rd- Kinslyn Jimenez, 
  • 4th Grade 1st- Aspen Fisher  2nd- Nolan Cooper 3rd- Madeline LaValley 
  • 5th Grade 1st- Emma Slentz 2nd- Olyvia Gallardo 3rd-  Gwen Ludlow 
  • 6th Grade 1st- Paton Cooper 2nd- Autumn Thomas 3rd- Noah Middaugh 
  • 7th Grade 1st- Zoey Lougheed 2nd- Jace Slentz 3rd- Evan Mitchell 
  • 8th Grade 1st-Ben Hallquist  2nd- Amberlyn Casey 

Teacher Appreciation Week 

The celebration is a cherished time when the entire school community comes together to express gratitude for the dedicated educators who make a profound difference in the lives of their students. Throughout the week, students, parents, and administrators join forces to honor teachers with heartfelt gestures and special activities. From handwritten notes of appreciation to surprise breakfasts and luncheons, every effort is made to show teachers how much they are valued and respected.  

The spirit of appreciation extends beyond tangible gifts, as students often take the opportunity to reflect on the impact their teachers have had on their academic journey and personal growth. Teacher Appreciation Week serves as a poignant reminder of educators' profound influence on shaping the future generation and underscores the importance of recognizing their dedication and commitment throughout the year. Logos teachers pictured right.

Mother’s Day Event - “Muffins for Mom’s” 

"Muffins for Moms" was a delight where mothers were celebrated and honored for their love and dedication. The aroma of freshly baked muffins filled the air as mothers arrived to enjoy a morning of sweet treats and heartfelt appreciation. Volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that each mom felt special, offering them a variety of delicious muffins and warm beverages. As mothers mingled and enjoyed their muffins, they were also treated to small gifts and touching messages from their children. It was a beautiful occasion filled with love, gratitude, and the joy of celebrating the wonderful mothers of Logos Christian Academy. 

Left: Muffins for Moms.