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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:55 PM

Tenth Judicial District Court - May 7

Tenth Judicial District Court - May 7

The Tenth Judicial District Court convened Tuesday, May 7, with Judge Thomas Stockard presiding. 

Tyler Kirby Shaw was present in court for an arraignment with his defense attorney, Ray Areshenko, who appeared via Zoom. Areshenko told Judge Stockard that he and Shaw had been unable to meet and requested a continuance. Stockard consented and continued the matter to May 28, explaining to Shaw that it is his responsibility to stay in touch with his attorney. Stockard placed Shaw under the supervision of Court Services with daily check-ins and random drug testing and ordered Shaw to report to Court Services after his court appearance to be drug tested. However, Shaw failed to appear for the test. The court contacted Areshenko, who had not been in contact with Shaw and did not know his whereabouts. Stockard expressed extreme concern about Shaw’s direct disobedience of a court order. Stockard gave Shaw until 3:30 that afternoon to comply or stated he would issue a $2,500 cash-only bond. 

Amber Dawn Dittmer appeared for an arraignment. Judge Stockard informed her she would be required to drug test with Court Services before they could proceed. She admitted that she would test positive for marijuana and had used methamphetamine as recently as the day prior. The test showed positive results for methamphetamine, MDMA, opioids, marijuana, and alcohol. Chief Deputy District Attorney asked that Dittmer be returned to custody. At the same time, with the Churchill County Public Defender's Office, Wright Noel argued that she should remain out of custody, having been released on her own recognizance (OR). 

Stockard addressed Dittmer's behavior, telling her, “It is clear you committed direct contempt of court by appearing before this court under the influence of a number of things; also, by not being truthful with this court. I am going to enter a contempt order; I am going to take it under advisement…[as to]what I am going to do as a result of that.” Stockard did not revoke Dittmer’s OR release but ordered her to check in and drug test daily with Court Services. The matter was continued to May 14. 

Samona Evonne Keimig pleaded guilty to Use of a System Providing Telephone Numbers to be Used in an Emergency When no Actual or Perceived Emergency Exists, a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. The allegations state that on January 29, 2024, Keimig called 911 several times when there was no emergency. Judge Stockard suspended proceedings and placed Keimig on probation for 12 months with the condition she complete the Western Nevada Regional Specialty Court (WNRSC) program. 

Travis Reed Johnson appeared for sentencing on a Gross Misdemeanor of Battery on an Officer, to which he pled guilty in February. Deputy District Attorney Priscilla Baker said the state has no objection to the defendant applying for diversion through WNRSC and is hopeful he will take advantage of this opportunity to change his behavior in the future. Johnson was provisionally placed in the program in February. 

Public Defender Jacob Sommer told the court, “I am just thrilled to report that Travis is doing so well.” Sommer also reported that Johnson had been homeless for quite a while but just recently found an apartment. Sommer said he is a good young man and asked Judge Stockard to agree to the state’s recommendation and formally place Johnson in the diversion program. 

The victim, who has been with the Fallon Police Department since 2018, told the court, “My biggest concern with the incident is that this keeps happening, and someone will eventually get hurt.” He said this incident was pretty simple and over quickly; however, one unintentional move could end somebody’s career, causing a drastic effect.

Johnson, who was granted an opportunity to address the officer, stated, “I really am sorry. I mean, I was just really upset that day. I apologize.”

The victim, “I get it, Travis. Just do good from here on out; that's all I'm asking.”

Johnson was placed on probation for a year, and proceedings were suspended to allow him to complete diversion court. 

Shawn Bradley Brown was not present for sentencing on the wobbler of Attempt to Commit Burglary of a Business, which he pled guilty to in April. A $25,000 cash-only bench warrant was issued. 

Gage Thomas Elizarraraz, in custody, was found competent to stand trial after a complete evaluation. He was remanded back to Justice Court for further proceedings. 


  • Tyrrell Raphael Franklin’s sentencing hearing was continued to June 4. 
  • Odome James Jackson’s status hearing continued until May 21. 
  • Austin Taylor Dyer’s competency hearing was continued to May 14. 
  • Corey Wayne Bennett’s status hearing continued until July 30.