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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 1:33 PM

Book Review -- Carol Recommends

The Recovery Agent by Janet Evanovich
Book Review -- Carol Recommends

Gabriela Rose is the recovery agent. She owns and operates a lucrative business getting stuff for clients who may have trouble getting it done through tradition routes. She is beautiful and smart. She can drive and shoot. She knows her way around all sorts of weapons. She is fit and wears designer lingerie. She is tasked with finding the Seal of Solomon and the lost Treasure of Lima based on family lore and for the greater good. She is aided by her ex-husband, Rafer, who is, of course, handsome, charming and weapon-savvy. No designer briefs for this guy and frankly I’m doubting any briefs at all. Think jungle, snakes, really really bad guys, drug lords, and close calls.

You may know Janet Evanovich from her One for The Money Stephanie Plum bounty hunter  series which I think are a hoot. Her books are fast, quick, fun reads. This one is no exception and is the first in a series.

This title is available in print at the Library and downloadable through Libby/Overdrive in ebook and eaudio.


Carol is the Director of the Churchill County Library. She likes to read. A lot.