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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 12:58 PM

Book Report -- Carol Recommends

The Coffee Book: Barista Tips, Recipes, Beans from Around the World by Anette Moldvaer
Book Report -- Carol Recommends

Ever wonder where coffee originated? South Sudan and West Africa maybe, but no one knows for sure.

Did you know the coffee tree is an evergreen? And that it takes three to five years after planting to flower?

This book includes everything you might want to know about coffee, and in my case, never thought to ask. The many ways to brew coffee is included as well as what to brew it in; French press, aeropress, or stove-top pot perhaps? You’ll learn what type of coffee grows where. How to “cup” coffee. And a list of recipes; Caffe Touba, Almond Fig Latte, Sparkling Espresso, Coffee Lassi, and many more.

Published by DK, this book has a great layout, is easy to read, has nice photographs, and is packed full of useful and fun information.

This title is available in print at the Library.

Carol is the Director of the Churchill County Library.  She enjoys a good cup of coffee.