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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:40 PM

Public Meetings week of November 4th

AGENCY/Organization Date and Time   Location and agenda  
Churchill County Commission November 7th – 8:15 am   155 N. Taylor Street https://bit.ly/36u817R  
City of Fallon Council     11/4 --  9am CDBG Hearing City Council meeting         55 W. Williams Ave https://bit.ly/32iL7gA https://bit.ly/2NBKbyf    
Board of Adjustment (City)
Convention & Tourism (City)
Planning Commission (County)    
CC Communications   November 7th – 2pm     155 N. Taylor, room 145 https://bit.ly/33aXOv6    
Highway Commission   November 7th – 1:15 pm       155 N. Taylor https://bit.ly/2qnVG4n    
Regional Transportation      
Coalition for Senior Citizens    
  Parks & Recreation
Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife
Youth Working Committee   155 N. Taylor #145    
Truckee-Carson Irrigation District November 5th – 9am         2666 Harrigan Road https://bit.ly/2JMUsXi        
  Churchill County School District
Oasis Academy
Churchill Economic Development Authority
Mosquito, Vector, Noxious Weed Abatement (County)
Democrat Central Committee Second Thursday – 6pm 155 N. Taylor, room 136
Republican Central Committee Second Wednesday – noon Depot Casino – upstairs
Carson Water Subconservancy District November 12th – 7pm
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