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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 12:10 PM

Churchill County Democrats donate Constitutions

Churchill County Democrats donate Constitutions
Submitted to the Fallon Post, courtesy Jeanette Strong -- On September 19, members of the Churchill County Democratic Central Committee donated 250 pocket Constitutions to the 7th grade U.S. history students at Churchill County Middle School. Students in 7th grade are learning about the Constitution right now, so the timing was important. The presentation of the Constitutions was given in the school library.  Gary Jamieson and Lori Kaiser brought their 7th grade U.S. history classes, and Principal Amy Word was also present. After the students got to the library and got seated, CCDCC member Jeanette Strong began the presentation. She showed students a copy of the pocket Constitution, which also includes a brief timeline of the writing of the Constitution and the text of the Declaration of Independence. She then shared a brief history of the writing of the Constitution. Students were asked several questions about the Constitution and the Amendments, especially the Bill of Rights. The students responded enthusiastically and were very engaged in the process. The Democrats chose to make this donation in order to help encourage knowledge of and respect for the Constitution. The pocket Constitutions were then given to the two 7th grade teachers, who handed them out to the students present and took the remainder to hand out to the rest of their classes. Members of the CCDCC in attendance included Nyla Howell, Morgan Rybold and Chuck and Nancy Parker. They thanked the CCMS staff for giving them this opportunity to serve our local students. The Democrats plan to make this an annual event for the 7th graders.       Sign up to receive updates and the Friday File email notices. Support local, independent news – contribute to The Fallon Post, your non-profit (501c3) online news source for all things Fallon.