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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:00 PM

Churchill County Democrats meet with campaign staffers

Churchill County Democrats meet with campaign staffers
Submitted courtesy Churchill County Democrats —  Churchill County Democrats met on July 11 to discuss the new state plan for conducting the caucuses for the upcoming presidential primary. They also heard from two presidential campaign officials. Ian Montgomery is the Field Organizer for rural Nevada for the Joe Biden campaign. Alex Kania is the Regional Organizing Director for Northern Nevada for the Cory Booker campaign. Both individuals talked about plans for the campaigns to connect with rural Nevadans. Kania is from New Jersey, so she is familiar with Senator Booker’s achievements, and she has been very impressed with Nevada The campaign is planning a rural tour in August, with Sen. Booker, so he can speak directly to rural Nevadans about their issues. Montgomery said he is a native of Elko, so he is very familiar with northern Nevada. At this time, there are no plans for a rural Nevada tour for Vice-President Biden, but Montgomery is hoping to arrange one. The Nevada Democratic Caucus will be held in February. There will be new ways to vote for someone’s preferred candidate, including voting by phone and early voting in person. The traditional caucus will be held on Feb. 22. As the details are worked out, registered Democrats will be informed. The state Democratic Party is working to make the process as inclusive as possible, so everyone has a chance to participate and make their choice known. The group also discussed the results of the annual Sawyer-Bryan Dinner in April, which was very successful, and possible candidates for Congressional District 2. Their next meeting will be on Sept. 12.     Never miss a meeting or community event – keep an eye on the community calendar at https://www.thefallonpost.org/events/ If you like what we’re doing, please support our effort to provide local, independent news and contribute to The Fallon Post, your online news source for all things Fallon.