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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:27 PM

Rez Kid Dougie Hall Shares Native Cowboy Wisdom During Fallon Powwow

Rez Kid Dougie Hall Shares Native Cowboy Wisdom During Fallon Powwow
Dougie with his iconic cup of coffee during his inspirational talk at Rafter 3C. Photo by Leanna Lehman.

Your favorite Indian, Dancin’ Dougie Hall, made the trip from his home in Browning, Montana, to join the fun and festivities at the Annual Moving Forward Together Powwow last weekend at the 3C Arena in Fallon.  

Dougie is a professional Indian cowboy, bronc rider, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, professional stuntman, and bucking horse producer. As if that isn’t enough to keep him busy, he has over 282.4K followers on TikTok, 188K on Instagram, and 90K+ on Facebook. However, Dougie is not your average social media influencer.  

Instead of promoting products, setting lifestyle trends, or taking up crazy challenges, Dougie shares good old cowboy wisdom and common sense. In Dougie’s words, he’s just a rez kid whose life got turned upside down when he was 14 and lost his close friend and companion—his mother.  

With many tough choices, Dougie found strength and solace in horses, putting one foot in the other during his grief. Deciding to heed his mom’s words and keep the promise he had made to her, Dougie has never touched alcohol. Sharing some of his early life stories, Dougie pulled out a classic comedy line that likens alcohol to an allergy. In his family, they are allergic to alcohol. “If they drink, they break out in handcuffs.” Even at a young age, he knew that was not what he wanted. 

A graduate of the University of Montana Western, Dougie has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and Natural Horsemanship and two associate degrees in the equine field. He is still riding broncs and has qualified for the High School National Rodeo Finals, College National Finals, and Professional Rodeo Cowboy Columbia Circuit Finals. When he’s not riding broncs, he is raising and breeding PRCA bucking horses for his new business, Good Medicine Bucking Horses. 

At 31, Dougie has a hectic schedule. Despite his busy life and many daily responsibilities, podcast appearances, motivational speaking engagements, and stuntman activities, Dougie will appear in Kevin Costner’s upcoming production, “Horizon.” 

He takes time almost daily to share words of encouragement, uplift, and shoot straight with his young followers. “If you woke up this morning, the Creator ain’t finished with you,” he told the crowd on Friday.  

With many life lessons of his own and tales of western life from his Uncle Mouse, the legendary Blackfoot horse breeder who sold him his first bucking horses, Dougie won’t run out of stories to share anytime soon. Dougie’s earnest, humble nature and sincerity only strengthen his connection to audiences of all ages. Indeed, there seemed to be something for everyone in the words and wisdom of Dougie Hall.  

Right: Dougie takes time to visit with locals at Powwow. 

Below: Dougie poses with admirers, Leanna and Lynette.