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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:35 PM

Coach Miguel Applauds Fallon Athletes: A Month of Triumph, A Year of Excellence

Coach Miguel Applauds Fallon Athletes: A Month of Triumph, A Year of Excellence
SNFC Vipers. Photos courtesy of SNFC Vipers.

What an incredible month May has been for Fallon youth sports. Coach Miguel of the SNFC Fallon Vipers took a few moments recently to mention the many achievements of Fallon youth athletes. From the CCHS track athletes who brought home several medals at the state competition, to the successes of Oasis softball and baseball teams who showed exceptional teamwork and skill, both Oasis and CCHS golfers who demonstrated their precision and focus, the CCHS swim team who set new personal records, CCHS baseball, and the CCHS softball state champions who displayed unmatched determination and resilience.  

Naturally, Coach couldn’t fail to mention the fantastic young ladies who brought another soccer tournament championship home. We join Coach Miguel in extending heartfelt congratulations to Lady Wave senior soccer players Sophia, Maddy, Zoe, Kira, Natalie, and the entire class of 2024 on their graduation. “Your talent, dedication, and passion for soccer and our community of Fallon have left an indelible mark on your team and generations to come in girls’ soccer. As you move forward, know that you carry with you a legacy that will inspire future players in our community and will inspire [others] to continue to grow girls’ soccer in Fallon,” wrote Coach Miguel. 

“Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors. Keep shining bright on and off the field,” he continued, commenting on their commitment to their programs, teams, travel clubs, and schools – day in and day out, 10-12 months straight.  

Like Coach Miguel, all of Fallon is so proud of the youth in our community, and we echo his sentiments when he wrote, “Congratulations to all our amazing Fallon kids and their coaches for their hard work and dedication!” 

Below: CCHS Lady Wave Softball, State Champs. Photo by John Baker.

Bottom photo: Oasis Girls Softball Team. Photo courtesy of Oasis Academy.