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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:52 PM

Captain’s Log: Rachel 26 – Mice 0

Captain’s Log: Rachel 26 – Mice 0
Rachel's mouse cannon. Photo by Rachel Dahl.

There’s been a Battle Royale going on at the Boyer Bunnie Ranch of late. We had mice.  

The bunnies live in this adorable little red shed, which is climate-controlled with a mini AC unit and a cute little radiator heater for the winter. The fancy bunnies do pretty well in the winter—they are, after all, equipped with all that lovely fiber. But Nevada summers are a bit hard on them.  

And as you can imagine, with bunny feed and chicken feed and all their accouterment, we have attracted quite a colony (metropolis) of mice.  

I hate mice.  

Mostly, I’m annoyed because they get in the bunny cages and, eat their food, and bother them. Also, I hate walking in the bunny shed, and the mice flee their positions with a great fanfare of scurrying and darting, and it just grosses me out.  

There have been attempts at using poison and then the water bucket trick. But those only work for a while, if at all. Clio the Great Dane is no help – she’s sort of not that quick.  

Cats have not been an option because I’m not sure I’m up to dealing with cats who also want to eat rabbits. Or chickens. Not sure exactly how that would go so I haven’t even tried.  

But the other day, while on a trip to Louie’s for some Saturday chore situation, the kid helping me asked if there was anything else.  

“What have you got for mice?” I asked. 

“Oh! Look at this,” he said, all excited as he turned to an endcap all decked out with the A24 Goodnature Automatic Humane Trap.  

It’s a very fancy contraption that uses C02 to trigger a pin that puts the mice out of the rabbit’s misery in what is billed as the “most humane way.” I’m not sure how becoming chicken feed is humane, but was very excited not to have mice in my bunny shed, so I tried it.  

And I got 24 mice in five days.  

The A24 is only good for 24 shots of C02, so then I had to go buy a new cartridge, and now we’re into our second batch. But traffic has slowed considerably. There is no more scurrying. It’s lovely. 

So, while I wait for 27, we’ll be right here… 

…Keeping you Posted,