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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:42 PM

Uzumaki Restaurant Opens

Uzumaki Restaurant Opens
The Chamber of Commerce rolls out the red carpet for Uzumaki Restaurant Ribbon Cutting event. Photo by Nancy Chapman

Uzumaki Restaurant enjoyed its ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 10, 2024. Bryan Tejeda and Stephany Soto have teamed up to open their 310 South Maine Street restaurant. The Asian restaurant will serve delicious Chinese dishes and Naruto Ramen.

Bryan has gained skills and knowledge over ten years at the Wok Restaurant. He and Stephany saw an opportunity to open their restaurant and took a leap of faith.

Bryan’s favorite dish is Tempura Udon Soup, and Stephany’s is Salt & Pepper Shrimp.

Please try Fallon’s newest restaurant and congratulate this young couple on their latest adventure, Uzumaki Restaurant.