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Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 10:41 PM

Courtney Oney: Everyday Hero, BCCH’s DAISY Award Recipient

Courtney Oney: Everyday Hero, BCCH’s DAISY Award Recipient
Photo courtesy of BCCH.

Courtney Oney, an exemplary RN at Banner Churchill Community Hospital (BCCH), is the recipient of a DAISY Award. Oney was nominated by a colleague who wrote a heartfelt recommendation following Oney’s thoughtfulness and care in working with a young girl. The endorsement cites Oney's dedication to her role as a nurse who goes beyond the ordinary.

A few days ago, Oney faced an exceptional circumstance. A young girl, having experienced a devastating accident resulting in the loss of both her parents, arrived at BCCH. The emotionally painful incident required a prolonged ambulance journey with two unfamiliar firefighters, adding to the distress of the traumatized child who had been trapped in the vehicle during the rescue. 

Recognizing the child's fear, discomfort, and pain from the car seat straps, Oney swiftly transformed the hospital room into a comforting haven. Stuffed animals, a cozy blanket, coloring books, and crayons created a welcoming environment. Oney held the young girl close, engaging her in gentle conversation. The impact was profound. The child visibly found solace in Oney's presence, as if she had found a haven in her arms. 

Oney went above and beyond her role as a nurse; she assumed the roles of a caring mother and a concerned human being. She combed the child’s hair into pigtails while quietly assuring her she was safe. The nominator expressed a sentiment shared by many, stating that they would trust Oney to care for their child with the same level of devotion if they were no longer around. It is evident that Oney's actions extended beyond the realm of nursing; she became a source of comfort and warmth for the distressed child.

Join Banner in celebrating Courtney Oney as she exemplifies the essence of the DAISY Award, embodying the qualities of an exceptional nurse and a compassionate human being. Her commitment to providing comfort is genuinely commendable.

The DAISY Foundation accepts nominations from patients, families, and co-workers. They are proud to be able to recognize and thank nurses for the skills, care, and kindness they provide.