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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 12:42 PM

High Desert Grange Graduates Youth Leadership Students

High Desert Grange Graduates Youth Leadership Students
HDG YLC Graduates - Sept. 5, 2023 (L to R) Shelia Miller, Lila Montero, Chloe Kent, Gianna Salisbury, Kody Wilson, Cameron Wilson. Pictured below (L to R) Tieris Williams, Jayden Green, Caitlyn Dock.

During the week of the fourth of September, High Desert Grange graduated two classes of students from the Youth Leadership Course. Youth aged 11 to 13 received their Certificates of Completion on September 5. Youth aged 14 to 18 received their certificates on September 7.

The eight-week Youth Leadership Course is designed to improve students' communication and leadership skills and teach new skills to help them succeed in future endeavors. Topics include preparing an effective speech, organizing thoughts, listening techniques, voice and vocabulary, the art of gestures in speaking, speech evaluation, and how to succeed in impromptu speaking. Students are introduced to Parliamentary Procedures. Officers and other roles are chosen by the students, which allows the student to conduct their meetings. 

Introducing youth to the art of public speaking results in graduates who know how to prepare and execute a speech before an audience of one or many, contribute ideas during meetings using Parliamentary Procedures, and take on leadership positions within a group setting. Impromptu speaking aids students as they apply for employment, volunteer positions, or seek to impress someone of importance. Greater self-confidence is a natural outcome of the class, as is a desire to demonstrate what they have learned. The course and materials are free. Each student receives a workbook to utilize when preparing future speeches or assuming future leadership roles.

This course is open to Grange members only. For more information about this program or the Grange, visit the High Desert Grange at http://www.grange.org/highdesertnv22/  or contact Gloria Montero at (775) 427-8210. 

High Desert Grange is currently preparing a program to address the job application process:  creating a resume, how to complete a job application, how to conduct oneself during an interview, and more. When the program details are complete, information will be publicly available.