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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:37 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

June 23 - 29

This week centers around giving. Some of us have the opportunity to overcome pride and expectations and give to the people in our lives. While others of us will need to find the courage to give to ourselves: attention, emotional support, and honor.



We create our own struggles when we become disconnected from each other. If you are feeling mistreated, this situation can teach you to find your own power. 


Keeping the peace between partners may have you sacrificing your dream or goal. Accepting the truth of the situation now can help you avoid a sticky situation later.


Accept that you have the power to make progress if you can overcome your insecurities related to giving. Be the support you wish to receive; the willingness is already in you.


If you can transition past low feelings and accept your present circumstance, you will be able to find ways to fully enjoy life and allow yourself to have some fun.


Practicing restraint will help you move towards a graceful exit from an unfulfilling situation. You're not losing an opportunity; you're gaining stability through insight and restraint.


Happiness is up to you. Try to loosen your grip on control and work through differences. Patience and time will help you through. Don't give up on your heart's desire.


Lead the way, make a choice to apologize or reconcile. You may feel unsupported, but the decision comes down to you. Make it, and then fight for it.


Accept that sometimes you don't or won't get the support you long for. This is teaching you to learn how to emotionally support yourself and reclaim your power.


Once you accept that you are settling for a less than desirable situation, you can take action to find a remedy and let go of worrying about your future security.


Zoom in on your future horizon through the lens of trust. Your current situation is not hopeless, accept your power of influence and focus your energy.


You have an opportunity to give of yourself. Learn to accept that what you have to say matters, and using your unique gifts and skills is an act of being true to yourself.


If you've been in protection mode, it is safe to come out now. Overcome withholding and the tendency to withdraw through gratitude and giving.


Rebekah Dahl interprets heavenly influences to help bring wisdom, love, and empowerment into our earthly experience.