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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:10 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

May 26 — June 1

This week, if we dare to take a look inward, we have the Sun in Gemini giving us each a unique perspective of our inner processing. And then when we look outward, we can make assessments on where we need to learn devotion, try a little harder, make little sacrifices, and develop faith in ourselves and each other.

Aries — the start and stop cycle may be contributing to the situation this week. You have the power and the right to say “No” if something doesn’t feel right. Nor do you need to explain. Focus on keeping some things to yourself, as this will help you reclaim your energy from what you cannot control.

Taurus — being cautious is your strength this week, use it to carefully consider what you have been holding onto that is keeping you held back. Anxiety and worry only serve to keep you stuck. Making a decision may feel uncomfortable at first, but moving forward and freeing yourself from an unfulfilling situation can liberate you from doubt.

Gemini — fear of the unknown can keep us emotionally stuck in the past. By letting go of expectations and control, you can find your inner strength to trust yourself. Trust gives you the power to focus on the way forward. It’s ok to accept a defeat, especially the defeat of pointless conflict. Trust your ability to express your emotions honestly.

Cancer — you may not know how things will work out this week, but you’ll have the strength to persevere through the unknown. Give yourself time and rest to process through any healing or recovery you might be going through. Focus on one good thing you know you want and keep a strong vision of it to help you get through the week.

Leo — trying too hard to push away a grudge, hurt, or betrayal can actually prolong the suffering. Your strength this week is recognizing what causes you anxiety, worry, or concern. Focus on the healing process and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions need to be felt. Look to your inner resources and strength for renewal.

Virgo — a shift in perspective can help you make a choice this week. Being able to express your emotions is your strength, enabling you to feel a deep sense of satisfaction in relationships or home life. You might misinterpret a situation based on assumptions of the other side, so use your strength to open up two-way communication.

Libra — focus on what is in your power to change this week. This can help you break through the fog of unknowing and the procrastination of making a choice. Knowing you can do better is your strength, so let this motivate you to believe you can make something happen, you can create positive change rather than worrying about it.

Scorpio — this week gives you the strength to finally move on and leave behind an undesirable situation. Let go of the need to control your environment and begin to trust your own path that is calling to you. Focus on trust, letting go of control and emotional discipline. This trifecta can elevate you from the Scorpion to the Eagle.

Sagittarius — you may feel an urge to break out of your metaphorical four walls, whatever they may be. You’ll have the strength to do so by moving forward with any plans or long-term goals you have. There is a sense of freedom calling and the way to fulfill that is by working through breaking old habits and attachments that are holding you back.

Capricorn — if you can slide off your emotional plateau this week, you’ll have the opportunity to see just where and how you may have been sabotaging a relationship. There may be insecurities and a feeling of instability, but there is also a refreshing new energy coming in that can bring new beginnings in love or creativity. Focus on what is holding you back from commitment by questioning what you are afraid to sacrifice.

Aquarius — finding courage to act with compassion is the focus this week. Luckily, you’ll have the bravado to stand up and face the situation. A desire to return to simpler times and allowing yourself to enjoy life more fully are fueling your ambitions to overcome preconceived notions. Let go of the assumption of conflict.

Pisces — an end to a funk brings in a new beginning this week. New energy to engage, to take a strong supportive role in your life and relationships, and to find faith in what lies ahead. Focus on what you have been holding in, keeping to yourself, and work through this by releasing any old feelings of betrayal or victim mentality.


Rebekah Dahl interprets heavenly influences to help bring wisdom, love, and empowerment into our earthly experience.