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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:43 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

May 12 - 18
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

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This week’s energy draws us inward giving us an opportunity to reflect, contemplate, and evaluate where we are with what we have, and what comes next. 

Aries — rather than quitting this week, try transcending the negative instead. Your fiery nature to get things going is your strength, but work on being flexible. It looks like you’re ready to face your fears, remember the other side also has fears and insecurities.
Taurus — focusing on what is right in front of you is your strength this week. Asking questions about how you can improve and grow will help you stay focused. Avoid the U-turn that takes you right back into your comfort zone. Sail past it and you will have won the week. 
Gemini — take a beat to allow your mind to settle this week. You may feel like isolating and avoiding conversation so you can do a little soul-searching away from all the outside influences and noise. Turning inward is where you find your light, your truth, and guidance.
Cancer — this week opens the way to move on from whatever has been holding you back. Some of you may be feeling nostalgic for your childhood home, friends, or family and maybe moving or visiting. For others there is a quiet resolve within that knows it is time for better. And you have the strength to leave behind what you have been settling for.
Leo — allowing yourself to process pain or sorrow is your strength this week. In order to heal you first have to be able to feel what hurts. From there - the only way is up. Some of you Leo’s may be feeling bad about hurting someone else’s feelings. But there is a calling to leave behind what is weighing heavy on your soul. 
Virgo — your power is rising but you have to let go of the notion that things won’t change. That mindset will keep you from pursuing your goal. The way forward is through making a tough decision and facing your fears. You have to be the initiator this week if you want to see change.
Libra — things will happen on their own time this week, and you’ll have the strength to go with the flow. No need to rush anything or make a choice before you are ready. Take time for yourself, rest, and let things settle. You will know when you are ready to move forward.
Scorpio — there is an energy around making a choice this week. But rather than act impulsively, you have the strength to take time to think things through. Deeper personal insight comes through when you withdraw and let yourself detach from rushing back to the safe, familiar, and secure.
Sagittarius — the steady progress that comes from throwing yourself into your work is where it’s at this week. There is an energy of moving on with what you know and letting go of what you don’t need to know. By letting go of a situation you don’t connect to you can focus on doing your own thing and shrugging off the rest.
Capricorn — it’s time to face life head-on. Any feelings of regret or remorse only help spark the desire for change. If you have been missing out on the sweets and joy of life, this week brings in the energy to ignite your zest and gusto for life. No more feeling restricted and small, it’s time to expand and grow.
Aquarius — to bring an end to an undesirable situation you’ll have to overcome thinking it will trap you if you engage with it. Avoiding a blowout is expecting one. You know what to do, and how to take charge. Believe you have the power to make things better and you will.
Pisces — taking the right course of action is your strength this week. Ultimately it comes down to deciding on happiness. You’ll have the energy to give from your heart. Let go of what you cannot control and focus on what matters - love and happiness.

Rebekah Dahl interprets heavenly influences to help bring wisdom, love, and empowerment into our earthly experience.