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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:14 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

April 28 - May 4

This week… is what you make of it. 
Have a good one!

Aries — It’s not cowardice if you make a decision to keep quiet. Let go of the notion that you are not standing up for yourself, and you will see the light. It is your strength that knows better than to get into conversations that go nowhere.

Taurus — you know better than to “rush in” this week. This is your strength that gives you pause to evaluate your motives. A little restraint will help you to get clear on what and who you are engaging with and why you get caught up in things you have a hard time getting out of.

Gemini — if the situation this week calls for moving forward with your plans, your strength is the mental ambition to go for it. Your strength will be louder than any doubts you may have about whether or not you can make a difference or be effective. You can.

Cancer — overcome the need for validation or recognition this week by focusing on your strength, which is partnership. Your desire and determination to be in a state of happiness this week outshines any needs from others. You have your own inner sun, let it shine into your connections with others.

Leo — there is a cycle that you may be trying to bring to a close this week but may be in denial that you are undermining yourself by continuing to feed the cycle. You have the strength to set yourself free this week and rely on your self-sufficiency. Remember your dreams and goals, you are closer than you think, don’t hold yourself back.

Virgo — this week brings energy of fulfillment and contentment. And this gives you the strength to share your good vibes with others. You may even be celebrating the “good life” after finally arriving at that emotional state of fulfillment or achievement. Release the need to mentally fidget and enjoy the moment.

Libra — it’s time for closure this week. You may have lost a little bit of your mojo recently which could leave you feeling jaded. But you have the strength to realize what you want. You’ll have to find the faith in yourself and perhaps another, that things can be worked out. Refocus your efforts, find your passion again, and pursue it.

Scorpio — You may be having a hard time bringing something to an end, and this is really draining your energy. But knowing that you need to emotionally support yourself can help you contain your energy and build it back up again. Let go of trying to force change right now, you need to recover your energy. Focus on your power in silence — avoid negative conversations.

Sagittarius — the situation remains unless you take charge. Unfortunately, the other party isn’t going to budge. You’ll have to decide if a certain relationship is worth settling for or freeing yourself from. Ultimately, in order to move forward either way, you’ll have the strength to lead or to be responsible for going your own way.

Capricorn —if you can pull yourself away from your inner processing, you will be able to step into your own power this week. You’ll be able to speak your truth and remain in your own power if others go on the verbal attack. This is confident, unshakable energy available to you — use it wisely. 

Aquarius — this week presents an opportunity for you to take a look at where you might be settling for less than you deserve in your life. Your strength is your desire for a happy life, for some — family life. But you’ll have to face what is holding you back. You may be committed to a certain mindset that you have reinforced into a belief. You may have to challenge your perceptions if you want to see real change.

Pisces — let go of this belief that you need to make a sacrifice for someone. If the situation is keeping you in a perpetual state of despair, it’s time to move on. But on the other hand (for the other Pisces), if you want to keep what you have and avoid a catastrophe, it’s time to let go of control, stop waiting around and go say you’re sorry. 

Rebekah Dahl interprets 
heavenly influences to help bring 
wisdom, love, and empowerment into our earthly experience.