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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:46 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: April 14-20

Time for Resolution
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes:  April 14-20

This week presents us with what we have not been able to bring to completion, those things in our lives that need to end, that need resolution. And on the other hand, we keep what we do not want to say goodbye to by breaking out of repetitive cycles that threaten to bring them to an end. We must choose it or it will be chosen for us. 

Aries — you’ll have the power to say “Yes!” to life this week. Be ready to free up energy that has been sitting around waiting for purpose or direction. You can now easily overcome those emotions that make you feel as if you don’t really know what to do about the current situation.

Taurus — there is a healing energy descending upon you this week that may ask you to surrender the belief that you need to force things or need to be so strong right now. Forgiveness, surrender, and holding onto hope will help you feel that it is okay to be vulnerable. 

Gemini — silence is golden this week. It allows for the settling of things, especially your mind. This is good breathing energy to allow air to come into the situation and blow away the mental debris. Time, space, and silence are your friends this week.

Cancer — it feels as if the clouds are finally parting this week, bringing not just clarity, but a confident and bold determination to follow your path towards happiness. There may be a dramatic breakthrough first, followed by what seems to be a spotlight illuminating your path forward. 

Leo — you may be birthing something new this week that may supersede the job, relationship, or current situation. The new will bring abundance into your life, but it may be hard to say goodbye to the old. You may have to overcome something that feels as if you weren’t able to follow through with it.

Virgo — this week brings an opportunity to break down some obstacles that have been keeping you locked in the past. Through your inner strength of being able to act with the spirit of service, you can overcome illusions of unhappiness. 

Libra — you won’t need to wait around for support this week. You have access to an energy that is ready to go! You are the source that can bring “the need to make things right” into the spotlight. And the voice of honesty that directs clear communication.

Scorpio — a very satisfying energy permeates your week, dissolving the old sticky bonds that have kept you from being able to let go and leave it behind. Overcome your shadow of getting stuck in the web again by releasing all expectations that someone should change on your behalf. 

Sagittarius — through your power of choice this week you have the ability to weave together cooperation with released expectations and still hold on to your independence. Perhaps you are choosing yourself while also working with others. 

Capricorn — if this week is a game of chess - you will have all the pieces for a successful outcome. That is, if you choose to play again. It’s not really about winning, but more akin to realizing what you want and that you can make it happen. You just need to believe you have the power to make the correct moves. 

Aquarius — if you have a situation that hasn’t been going anywhere, this week you will be able to find the courage to engage it. You can’t sit on the sidelines and expect to know the outcome. Forward progress calls for active participation this week and you will have access to that very energy. 

Pisces — on the surface there may be the illusion of calm and stability. But your strength this week is being aware of what you don’t see below the surface. This gives you pause to take a little time to contemplate and not rush into anything. Trust your intuition that you may not be ready to talk until you can see below the surface.  


Rebekah Dahl interprets heavenly influences to help bring wisdom, love, and empowerment into our earthly experience.