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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:44 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes:

April 7 - 13
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes:

This week we feel the heavenly influences of living just a little bit louder and larger. We are able to take a look at our lives and see the bigger picture. We might see how good we have it and feel lucky and grateful. We might see where we have been underestimating ourselves and feel inspired to do better for ourselves by believing more in our inner gifts. 

Aries — have faith in your pursuit. Slow and steady avoids foolish, perhaps spontaneous sidetracks that pull you away from your purpose. Don’t worry if this feels like having to start from scratch again. Focus on the intent of your emotional or creative pursuit to overcome “having to go first”.

Taurus — be gentle with your tough love. You have a compassionate touch this week to overcome dealing with a tough situation or person. The “tough” part isn’t about your style, rather it is the nature of who/what you are dealing with that makes it tough. That gentle hand and finesse of yours is what will get someone to budge.

Gemini — shortsightedness might have you miss an opportunity if you play into your shadow this week and stay in the mopes. Luckily, your keen perception is well aware that you need to give a little, engage a little, and let a little go in order to get along.

Cancer — you can overcome the temptation to play the martyr this week by creating your own sense of balance and stability. Your strength is being able to cut ties with old reactive behavior patterns and seek the comfort of being home in your body. In this way you can face your fear, break a chain, and release the need to talk about it.

Leo — let go of thinking it won’t work out. There is positive energy this week that can see projects completed, create a sense of fulfillment with your situation, or just open your heart to the good life. It’s time to live large and believe in your dreams, believe you deserve the best and then go make it happen!

Virgo — there are so many excuses, reasons, and explanations you have been holding onto. Your shadow has been holding you back afraid to make the necessary sacrifice. But alas! This week brings in a new fiery energy of faith in yourself, faith to begin, and a desire to make a decision to seize your power and make something happen!
Libra — you might have lost your faith in someone for a while there Libra, but this week gives you a chance to receive a little divine intervention in the form of higher awareness. A lot may become clear for you and help you learn through surrendering your point of view so that you may be able to understand someone else’s.

Scorpio — Emotional equilibrium is the end result and reward of this week if you can release the expectations you have about someone close to you. Luckily, your inner strength gives you the ability to release all the weight you have been carrying for quite some time now. Putting down your burdens frees up a new kind of emotional responsibility for you. 

Sagittarius — a little divine discontent can help move you towards making a decision for your happiness, health, and fulfillment. Your inner strength is bringing this to the surface for you to address this week. Something that you may have been pushing away for later is now calling out a little louder, as it no longer wishes to be ignored.

Capricorn — you’ll have the strength to move to higher ground this week as you work through the mental steps that take you higher. Through this process you will have the opportunity to see where you cling too tightly, where you need to let go of the past, and finally to that high ground where you can express yourself through the heart rather than the mind.

Aquarius — this week will help you see the sunny side of life. You can look around and realize things aren’t perfect and feel perfectly fine with that. This will help you really enjoy what you have, where you’re at, and who you’re with. Your energy is returning, helping you feel empowered, and able to make positive differences in your life.  

Pisces — you have the opportunity for a relationship to become closer this week. Cooperation and forward progress seem to outweigh and overcome any differences you may have with your person. This shift is allowing you to build a stronger foundation for a more grounded, enduring relationship.