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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:01 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

March 31 — April 6
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

We are presently feeling the heavenly influence of finding the courage to take a dive into our emotional depths. Hopefully while we are down there, we find our inner hero, bring that hero up to the surface and make some bold moves towards rescuing ourselves. This energy feels like personal authority, responsibility, discipline, and spiritual growth. I hope you are able to know the power of your inner hero.


Aries — It’s time to talk. You may feel like voicing your opinion, moving forward towards resolving a situation, or answering an inner calling you can no longer ignore. This is your strength this week, the shadow side to overcome, is wishing the other party would take this responsibility and show you support in doing so. You will prevail.


Taurus — Questions of commitment become your strength this week. Processing through the options that have you going back and forth can finally come to an end. Overcome the urge to turn back on your decision by focusing on what is right in front of you, the thing precious to you that you would not want to give up on… or lose.


Gemini — Your strength this week is the ability to accept “this is as good as it gets''. You may put more energy into a situation that does not yield the desired outcome. Overcome this through acceptance. This may be one of those weeks where we just don’t agree, see eye to eye, or just can’t get on the same page. Accept and move on.


Cancer — The seat of responsibility is yours this week. This is your anchor that is providing you with the energy and drive to take care of business. You’re on a roll, this energy can become an unshakable foundation for you if you take advantage of it now. It can be your anchor, your rock, your seat of authority. Be here now, in your seat.


Leo — You know what will ultimately bring you peace. And your higher consciousness is too loud to ignore this week. This becomes your strength as you are guided to contain your thought process, let it work things out and come to a conclusion that honors your angel-on-the-right-shoulder. This will prevent you from acting impulsively.


Virgo — Assign yourself, your situation, or relationship the adjective: significant. Overcome the challenge of the week: feeling powerless or ineffectual by seeing the significance in things. When you place more significance on the things you find worthy of your time and effort, you will find more reason to trust yourself and commit to them.


Libra — The power of initiation rules your week, overcoming the inherent risk of losing, or having to give something up. You’ll be able to make the first move. Whether or not what you set in motion works out, there is something else that matters more. It is your decision, and there is power in making a decision, for it sets things in motion.


Scorpio — It may be a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of week. Wanting to put effort into a situation to improve it may just put you right back into an old loop that you have worked hard to break free from. This week helps you to let go of any wants or needs from another so that you can learn to provide these things for yourself.


Sagittarius — There are some hurt feelings we can get over on our own. This week gives you the strength to self-heal and learn to give yourself the emotional support you might otherwise seek from an outside source. This brings about a positive change in your fate patterns that allows for an opening of your higher consciousness.


Capricorn — The power of restraint is your energy of the week which can help overcome the desire to pursue something that may take a familiar path which leads to an unwanted outcome. Make peace with the situation by taking the alternate path which leads away from the same old, same old. Restraint overcomes reaction.


Aquarius — An old mode of communication has only kept you held back, withdrawn and afraid of getting trapped. Now you have the power to update your method of communication. Out with the old, in with the new. This week brings the opportunity to transition away from the past and take a fresh approach with your communication skills.


Pisces — Nobody is going to steal your sunshine this week. Your person may not be talkative or excited this week, but that still won’t dim your light. You will be able to possess the good nature of wanting to create a relationship based on reciprocity. Hold on to the gains you make this week, they will be for you, so don’t lose them.