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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:25 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: March 10-16

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: March 10-16

This week we see and feel the breaking up of old ways, unresolved issues, and stagnant energies that need healing. Grab a broom! We are being guided to take responsibility for what needs to be cleared out from the past. And a dustpan! We also need to be accountable for our contribution to the fallout. And the mop! With a clean slate we can invite forgiveness, healing, and a fresh start back into our relationships and lives.

Aries — Lead the way. Not only is there great mental energy to leave a situation behind, but also physical energy to forge a new way forward. Tap into your ability to take charge this week and direct your energy towards better ways and better days.

Taurus — Think on it. Or don’t. Whichever choice helps you move on mentally this week is good for allowing things to settle and become clear without having to force the issue. A mental break may be the very thing that finally brings clarity and peace.

Gemini — Save your energy. By putting away needs and wants from another, you can give yourself a much-needed break from disappointments and getting nowhere. No need to give up, this week is more like a reprieve to allow the dust to settle.

Cancer — Forgive anyway. You won’t get trapped by doing the right thing. You won’t lose your freedom or your sanity. But you will gain power by overcoming the need for justice and allowing reconciliation to be the more important process for a peaceful future.

Leo — Break the cycle. Careful not to back yourself into a situation that you know won’t improve. You’ve been there, done that, and this week will help you realize you “don’t wanna go back”.  Unbalanced, unfair, repetitive relationships need not apply.

Virgo — Go for it! Alas, it looks like you will be stepping up into your mental authority, making firm decisions for yourself, and taking charge of the next chapter of your life. By believing in yourself you can allow yourself to believe in whatever lies ahead of you.

Libra — Embrace the unknown. A change of heart comes this week that will move you through your fear, help you face the darkness, and allow a new perspective of the future to surface. Good change is coming, allow yourself to break from the past.

Scorpio — Believe in yourself. A shift comes this week that brings to light many helpful insights for your benefit. Through whatever you may discover about your situation or about yourself, it will ultimately direct you towards listening to your own intuition.

Sagittarius — Reap your reward. It appears that minding your own business has indeed paid off. Continue to do so, and this week will bring you a pleasant surprise or perhaps just what you’ve been hoping for. The best reward is knowing you can create your own sense of fulfillment by being true to yourself.

Capricorn — Be here now. This week helps you show up and make your presence known. Matters of restoring stability through cooperation and reconciliation can be addressed and you can speak your mind with thoughtfulness and conviction.

Aquarius — Figure it out. A sequence of ideals spring to mind inspiring you to throw off the old beliefs about yourself that someone else has assigned you. Your mental wheels will turn and hum until the cogs click into place giving you the opportunity to align with these higher ideals of who you are.

Pisces — Face your fears. Let down your walls, drop your burdens or grudges, and listen to your higher self. This week brings a time for release of what is over and done. And acceptance of what is. Turn towards those who support your wellbeing.