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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 10:11 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: March 3-9

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: March 3-9

Where are we underestimating our ability to be bigger and better than our differences, our hurts, and our hardships? That noble place within us all gets buried over time by the attrition of struggle through life. This week we have the opportunity to rediscover that grandness inside we all have as a precious resource that tells us we are worth more, we are capable of more, we can give more, and that we are more than what life throws at us. We are innately greater than we think. Find your inner greatness.

Aries — Freedom. Allowing yourself to move forward, to dare, to risk, to give, is where you find your courage. Your light shines into the future, illuminating your path toward a successful outcome and how to get there. Set yourself free by daring to believe it can happen. You have much to offer, overcome any obstacles through the bravery of giving.

Taurus — Courage. I was wrong. Three of the hardest words to say for mere mortals. But not so much when returning to a happy, stable relationship is worth taking ownership of those words. Courage is your inner light that outshines defeat, pride, or humility. Follow your inner light and it will show you your inner strength. All will be worked out.

Gemini — Progress. Your light shines inward showing you where and how progress has been stalled. A personal inventory can reveal what needs to be addressed in order to make progress through healthy communication. The stress, and mental fatigue of revisiting “how to work things out” can be overcome. Have the courage to move forward.

Cancer — Compassion. Being true to your inner nature of nurturing is your inner light that shines outward into your relationships this week. Your compassion can be easily expressed, overcoming old feelings and thoughts that kept you from acting on your true essence of being. This is a big breakthrough that brings you back home to your core values of who you are.

Leo — Opportunity. Here comes the proverbial leap of faith that all comes down to a choice. A new opportunity brings questions of change. Your inner light is bursting for a new adventure and your surrounding influences are encouraging you to take a chance. Listen to your inner guidance for help on making the right choice for yourself.

Virgo — Cooperation. A little sting to the ego is something like a check engine light. So you look inside to see how you have been running, do a little fine-tuning and get back on the road. No need to beat yourself up, this works in your favor as it brings to light where you may be too combative, and the fix is to focus on cooperation and peacekeeping. Easy peasy.

Libra — Reconcile. Name your pain, recognize it, but do not identify yourself as your pain. Forgiveness and reconciliation will help melt away any hurt you have been carrying. It is a good time to be open and honest with your feelings now. Strong mental energy to face down what has felt constricting and isolating helps to overcome any self-pity, sorrow, or guilt.

Scorpio — Dignity. If you have been settling for less than, afraid to move on, or struggling to make sense of what you want, this week will help you address these issues.  Start from the inside and give yourself the security and stability you need. Your dignity is determined on how well you treat yourself in response to being mistreated. 

Sagittarius — Selfish. Sometimes you just need to love yourself first and do what you need to do to provide yourself with your own sunshine. And this week brings back the same old, same old just so you can prove to yourself that you are capable of providing yourself with inner fulfillment by focusing on your own goals and responsibilities. Do your best and forget the rest. Minding your own business never felt so good.

Capricorn — Worth. If you live on the assumptions of the past and cast yourself in stone based on those beliefs, you deprive yourself of hope for a different future. Forgiving yourself and others break that stone that you have sculpted yourself into and allow you to redefine and recreate your sense of inner self-worth. 

Aquarius — Avoidance. This week helps you face what you have been avoiding. Overcome the paralysis of emotional indulgence by engaging rather than evading. You’ll be able to express yourself clearly and work through communication struggles. If there is a tendency to sabotage your relationships, this too can finally be addressed.

Pisces — Peace. When you finally figure this thing out and do your best, but the other side just doesn’t align with you, is the test this week. Overcoming the tendency to associate this situation with your self-worth and the desire to be chosen is the objective. Finding your own inner peace is the way. Keeping it is a practice.