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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 10:12 PM

Heaven on Earth Horoscopes:

February 24 - March 2
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes:

There’s a little inner warrior energy going on this week. The heavenly influences spark a desire in us to take action, to fight for love, for happiness, for ourselves, and others. Just make sure you’re fighting the good fight for all the right reasons. Be true.

Aries — Anger. How can it serve you as a strength? When it is used to motivate you to fight for yourself and to not accept complacency. Righteous indignation may be the remedy for what ails you this week.

Taurus — Love. Believe in yourself. This week brings renewal of love into your life. It can be a beautiful beginning to relationships, creating art or music, or babies. Where your love flows, beauty grows.

Gemini — Achievement. There is more than one path to get what you want. And taking the alternative path just happens to be another achievement you can feel good about this week. Accept the win, don’t diminish it by how you had to get there.

Cancer — Silence. Circling back, revisiting old wounds is not the answer you seek any more. Facing time in solitude and inner contemplation is where these answers will be found. Let go of what you cannot control and find freedom within.

Leo — Courage. Speak your mind, peace can be made even though it may seem a tall order at the moment. You can find your power by speaking your mind truthfully and courageously. Be a warrior for your voice and truth be your guide.

Virgo — Trust. You first need to trust in yourself that you can make the right decision for yourself. When you trust in yourself and listen to your inner wisdom you will be able to face the underlying commitment issues.

Libra — Found. Waiting on another for all things to be fair has a cost. This week reveals exactly what it has been costing you. Answers can be found. Love can be found. Your innate sense of what is right will be found.

Scorpio — Justice. To be true to yourself and your inner sense of what is right for your well-being is your power this week. Honor yourself, find your own happiness and serve yourself up a big old plate of sunshine, your inner child is depending on you.

Sagittarius — Flexible. Doing what is best for yourself can bring much-needed rest this week. Managing your energy is honoring your own personal boundaries and needs. You have the power to change plans, change your mind, or redirect your energy.

Capricorn — Shrug. You’ll know when enough is enough this week. When to shrug and drop all the unnecessary, the “too much”, and the not-worth-my-time. You’ll find power in supporting yourself by walking away from what is not for you.

Aquarius — Integrity. Something works out because you made it happen. You have a first-hand account of your own power, don’t lose it because of the next obstacle. Stay the course, remember how you overcame the previous time. Use your power.

Pisces — Heal. Healing comes when you know when and what to walk away from. To know some things have to be given up in order for healing to take place is your power this week. Let go of any sense of self-denial. You live, you learn, you heal.