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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:22 PM

Logos Student Produce a Live Nativity - A Shepherd’s Feast

Students at Logos Christian Academy wrote about their experience with the Shepherd's Feast...
  • Source: Gretchen Felte, Logos
Logos Student Produce a Live Nativity - A Shepherd’s Feast

Author: Logos Christian Academy

Breaking News!

By Madalynn
On December 15, 2022, Logos Christian Academy students of the fifth and sixth grade had a Shepherd’s Feast. For lunch each family ate bread, cheese, meat, and fruit. One person from each family stood watch over the sheep. 
During this we dressed as shepherds. After lunch we rested, while doing so, we were visited by an angel who commanded us to follow her. After following a lovely star, we found the baby Jesus. We went and gathered the whole school until all had seen Christ. 
I personally felt that the whole thing was an extremely amazing surprise. I very much enjoyed the live nativity. I found the animals adorable. The food was very delicious. Also, wearing costumes was terribly fun. Overall, it was a great experience. 

By Lula
Here at Logos Christian Academy, we had a Shepherd’s Feast. The Shepherds Feast took place on December 15, 2022. On this day the 5th and 6th grade students wore costumes as shepherds made of bathrobes and belts. The shepherds had a lunch consisting of bread, cheese, dried fruit, jerky, chicken, and sparkling water. 
After lunch and during lunch, one shepherd had to watch the “sheep.” As shepherds we went from classroom door to door and talked about the baby Jesus. 
In my opinion, the Shepherd’s Feast was amazing. I haven’t ever done anything like it. And to have a newspaper write about it?!? I don’t think anybody else could have expected to see little shepherds care and talk about Jesus. This school has been amazing at events. 

By Rachel 
This year in 5th and 6th grade at Logos Christian Academy we did a Shepherd’s Feast. We lounged on blankets, ate food, and took turns watching for imaginary predators that would harm our imaginary sheep. We ate bread, chicken, beef, cheese, grapes, oranges, apples, almonds, and drank sparkling water. We dressed up as shepherds. 
I loved the Shepherd’s Feast since we got o go to classroom to classroom telling people the good news. We took the kindergarten through 8th grade to see a live Nativity scene. There was a cow, a horse, a lamb, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus and an angel. When we first saw Him, we were frozen then knelt in reverence. 

By John
Here at Logos Christian Academy, we had Shepherds’ Feast. As we were studying the birth of Christ, we decided to see what it would be like. We dressed up like shepherds and set up trays of food. We took turns watching the fake sheep. Once we were done we went to tell the other classes. We brought them to a nativity set with animals. 
My opinion about shepherds is it showed us what it may have been like to be a shepherd. It was exciting and fun. The way we did things and involved other classes was fun since all the kids were super excited.