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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 1:23 PM

Grange and Comstock Quilters Present Quilts of Valor

Grange and Comstock Quilters Present Quilts of Valor
Christopher Hansberry, Don Scott, Terry Peterson, Michael Gardner, Jim Falk, and Charles “Chuck” Cook.

Author: Gloria Montero

By Suzann Gilliland Peterson

On Saturday, December 10, High Desert Grange held a special ceremony at the American Legion Hall in Fallon to honor seven veterans with a Quilt of Valor.  Partnering with the Grange was Comstock Quilters whose organization has presented over 1500 quilts in the past 8 years.  Handmade with love and respect for their service, Comstock Quilters partnered with the Grange to personally present each veteran with his own unique quilt.  
Marsha Strand of Comstock Quilters shared the history of the Quilts of Valor Foundation from its inception in 2003 to today.  Born from a dream of a young, despondent veteran, founder Catherine Roberts saw this man wrapped in a quilt that changed his demeanor to one of hope and wellbeing.  The dream’s message was clear:  Quilts = Healing.  She set about creating the Quilts of Valor Foundation where volunteers would gather to donate their time and materials to make quilts unique to each individual recipient.  The quilts would be handmade, which means either hand or machine quilted, not tied.  These quilts are not “charity” handouts.  Each one is “awarded” and contains the inscription Thank you for your service, sacrifice and valor in serving our nation. 
In addition to Ms. Strand, several more Comstock Quilters personally awarded each quilt.  Following are the names of the recipients and a brief overview of their service:
•    Michael Christopherson – Navy 1989-1999 serving in the Gulf War and Operation Restore Hope
•    Charles “Chuck” Cook – Navy 1964-1968 serving in Vietnam
•    Jim Falk – Navy 1954-1974, S.CPO, serving in Vietnam
•    Michael Gardner – Navy 2000-2008 serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and the War on Terrorism
•    Christopher Hansberry – Marine 1988-2011, Staff Sergeant
•    Terry Peterson – Marine serving during Vietnam
•    Don Scott – Navy 1962-1968 serving as a Motorboat Operator 
When asked if there was something he wanted to say, Senior Chief Petty Officer Jim Falk answered, “I would do it all over again.”  Don Scott’s first duty station was Naval Air Technical Training at Naval Air Station Glencoe.  He then served on the USS Plymouth Rock LSD 29.  The Armed Services Expeditionary Medal and the National Defense Service Medal were awarded him for his part in ending the Dominican Republic Uprising.  During the Vietnam War, Terry Peterson was shot in the left arm and hand.
High Desert Grange will be taking names for their next presentation of Quilts of Valor.  If you have someone in your family or a friend you would like to nominate for a quilt, please contact High Desert Grange at http://www.grange.org/highdesertnv22/ or contact Gloria Montero at (775) 427-8210.
High Desert Grange gratefully thanks these veterans and veterans throughout our country for their bravery, courage, and many sacrifices in the service of our nation.