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Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 9:56 PM

Election 2022 is Nearly in the Books

Election 2022 is Nearly in the Books
The line at 6pm on Election night at the Convention Center

Author: Rachel Dahl

Unofficial results from the Churchill County Clerk were released on election night after the polls closed on Tuesday for local races only. Thursday the numbers were updated, and a final update will be provided on Tuesday, November 15.

With last-minute mail-in ballots yet to be counted, the contested race for the Board of School Trustees has Amber Getto receiving 5,820 votes, Joe McFadden receiving 5,100 votes, Matt Hyde with 4,549 votes, and Julie Guerrero-Goetsch receiving 3,755 votes.

If the remaining votes come in with similar percentages, those four candidates will be elected to the School Board. Mail-in ballots must be accepted through Saturday and finalized results are expected to be released Monday.

The remaining three candidates came in with Ivy Ward at 3,605 votes, Bill Post with 3,268 votes, and Walter Henderson with 2,100 votes.

Sheriff Richard Hickox is ahead of challenger Daniel Sharp with 7,194 votes to 1,560.

In the City Council race, Paul Harmon has received 607 votes to Geoff Knell’s 153.

Candidates who ran unopposed were Myles Getto for County Commission, District 2, Denise Mondhink-Felton for Assessor, Linda Rothery for Clerk/Treasurer, Art Mallory for District Attorney, Robert Getto for Public Administrator, Tasha Hessey for Recorder.

According to the election staff at the county clerk’s office on Thursday afternoon, every eligible ballot has been counted. If a ballot is postmarked on election day, November 8, and received by Saturday, November 11 it will be counted. Twenty-one ballots need the signature to be cured. Voters have until Monday, November 14 to cure their ballots and the staff will do a final scan on Tuesday, November 15, if needed.

A total of 9,748 votes were cast out of 15,537 registered voters for a turnout of 62.74%. There were 2,672 votes cast on election day, 3,356 people voted early, and 3,720 votes were cast by mail-in ballot.

At press time the state results are being reported on the website silverstateelection.nv.gov and show Joe Lombardo leading Steve Sisolak 50.10% to 46.23%. In the U.S. Senate race between Catherine Cortez Masto and Adam Laxalt, Laxalt is currently ahead at 49.40% to 47.61%. Mark Amodei received 61.90% of the vote to Elizabeth Krause who received 35.7%.

In the race for Lt. Governor, Stavros Anthony (R) leads Lisa Cano Burkhead (D) 50.72% to 44. 67%. Secretary of State shows Jim Marchant (R) ahead of Cisco Aguilar (D) 48.01% to 47.79%. Republican Michele Fiore is a breath ahead of Zach Conine, the Democrat incumbent 47.10% to 46.71%. State Controller has Andy Mathews (R) ahead of Ellen Spiegel 51.24% to 44.94%. The race for Attorney General has incumbent Aaron Ford (D) ahead of Sigal Chattah (R) 51.04% to 45.63%.

Ballot questions came in state-wide with Question 1: Equal Rights Amendment 57.5% yes to 42.5% no; Question 2: Minimum Wage Increase has 54.3% yes to 45.7% no; Question 3: Ranked Choice Voting reporting 51.8% yes and 48.2% no.

“The Fallon Post” will continue to update the final results as they come in.