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Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 9:35 PM

An Update from the Coalition for Senior Citizens

During the April 25 Senior Coalition Board meeting, two new board members were appointed, Rinnie Barrenchea, who is retired from Navy Federal Credit Union and has experience with fundraising, and Dawn East who is a retired letter carrier and nurse. She has experience with and interest in grant writing. The board also agreed to continue with Make Cents Bookkeeping Service for $500 per month.

An update on the audit of the financial accounts was given by Shannon Ernst, Director of Churchill County Social Services. All of the information has been delivered to the auditors and is now in their hands.

At a special meeting held May 12, the Coalition board approved submitting a pre-application for a Home Means Nevada Initiative grant application to design and construct an amphitheater and park area on the south end of the Life Center lot, in the amount of $400,000. The project would build an amphitheater structure and develop the dirt lot, to revitalize that area and provide a nice open space area for the neighborhood and meet the priorities of the board. The facility would be available to the public for use for a small fee, as is the Life Center. If the project is chosen for a full application, the proposal will come back to the Coalition board in June for more discussion.

Ernst said that the Life Center continues to be used by the community and the facility is booked through the summer. She said they are looking at restructuring rental fees and considering fewer fee waivers. They do not rent out or allow usage of the main kitchen because the main purpose of the Life Center is to provide meals to homebound and congregate, and they cannot take a chance of not having it available to meet their mission.

The board also approved paying $6,000 as a cost-share with Social Services to complete a cleanup of the gardening area as phase one of a three-phase project. Ernst said since the county has taken over the operations of the Life Center, they have evaluated what the seniors want to do for activities and gardening is not on the list. The garden area does not have proper soil or a watering system and is very hot in the summer. The first phase would provide cleanup, the second phase would include installing proper soil, a watering system, and electricity, with the third phase creating a walking path around the area. Currently, there is an effort to save the roses that were brought over from the old senior center, as they were donated in memory of former members.

The board elected Justin Heath to serve as Chairman of the Board, Barrenchea will serve as Vice-Chair, and Karla Kent will serve as Secretary-Treasurer for through June 30, 2024.


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