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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:48 PM

Logos Christian Academy -- An Update

  • Source: Logos Christain Academy
Logos Christian Academy -- An Update

Author: Photos courtesy of Logos

Logos Balto

The first-grade class is reading the book "Balto" and following the Iditarod Race. They have each chosen a "musher" to follow and Brantley's musher Paige Dobny is currently in first place! Students will be writing letters to their mushers and they will get a response.


Logos bake sale and bakers

Pre-K class were bakers today and helped to decorate cookies for the 8th grade Bake Sale. Thank you to everyone who supported our 8th graders in their Bake Sale to raise funds for 8th-grade graduation activities. In their first week, they raised over $200! Be watching for bake sales every Chapel Friday.