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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 12:32 PM

Lt. Governor Speaks at Local Democrat Dinner

Lt. Governor Speaks at Local Democrat Dinner
by Leanna Lehman --  Democrat Party members around the state joined Churchill County Democrats for their annual Sawyer-Bryan Dinner Saturday, April 6th at the Fallon Convention Center. Much attention was given to the historic 2018 elections in which the state elected a female legislative majority –the first in the nation. Additionally, in 2020, the country will reach the one hundred year anniversary of women’s suffrage in America. Nevada has progressed a great deal from the words of Emma Lee Adams, anti suffragete and wife of Nevada’s 4th governor Jewett Adams, who stated in 1914, “Ninety percent of women either do not want it (the right to vote) or do not care.” Kelli Kelly, Fallon Food Hub Director announced her run for County Commission District 3 in 2020. Kelly expressed her dismay as a local democrat wherein the seats for County Commissioner are party driven and often determined in the primary elections, “It feels like there is lack of choice,” states Kelly. Her goal “is to expand her reach. Help me with my reach –an investment in me is an investment in all of us,” stated Kelly. Kelly was followed by Kimi Cole, Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus Chair. Cole, a Lyon County resident, touched on the difficulties of being a Democrat in rural Nevada. As such, she has developed what she terms a "Demo-Crattidude." “We all live here too,” states Cole, “We talk, we get together, we work things out and work toward what we believe in.” Determined to bring presidential and other candidates to the people, Cole is helping create virtual town halls in rural areas so that as voters, “you can learn who your choices are.” Cole also encourages Democrats to participate in the caucuses via an expanded new web-based platform that gives voters more of an opportunity to be part of the process at www.nvdems.com/2020caucus. Lieutenant Governor, Kate Marshall, gave an impassioned address about the "Short Distances of Opportunity." “There was a time in our county when we counted on certain things,” stated Marshall. “Our grandparents as immigrants had nothing but an idea to hold on to –everyone had a chance if you were willing to work hard enough.” The last election, according to Marshall, has brought Nevada back to that place. “By raising the minimum wage, a woman might not have to choose between diapers and groceries.” Marshall also vowed to work toward reducing medical and prescription costs for the elderly along with creating a retirement plan for those without access to one so that FDR’s New Deal promise could be fulfilled –Americans are able to retire with dignity. Transportation for college students in Clark County is also something the office of the Lt. Governor is working toward. “If you can manage to get yourself into college, we will get you there,” stated Marshall in response to ever-growing transportation problems in the Las Vegas area. Additionally, her office created the Office of the Small Business Advocate, designed to assist small business to navigate Nevada’s state agencies as they try to get established. The well-attended event raised funds in support of the Churchill County Democratic Central Committee and included Nevada State Controller, Catherine Byrne; NSDP Vice Chair, Marty McCreary; NSDP Secretary, Marla Turner from Las Vegas; and National Committeeman Alex Goff. Mayor Ken Tedford was also in attendance along with Judge Stuart Richardson, and Nathan Strong of Churchill Economic Development.  Carol Lloyd from the Churchill County Library, Dan Ingram the Churchill County Museum Director, and Mike Mackedon the Fallon City Attorney, along with a host of educators and local community members also attended, demonstrating great community support for the event.   Support local, independent news – contribute to The Fallon Post, your non-profit (501c3) online news source for all things Fallon. Never miss the local news -- read more on The Fallon Post home page.