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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:51 PM

High Desert Grange Partners with Logos for Afterschool Program

High Desert Grange Partners with Logos for Afterschool Program
The new after-school program sponsored by the High Desert Grange and Logos Christian Academy is in full swing.

High Desert Grange has expanded its many activities that benefit our community by partnering with Logos Christian Academy to offer an after school program for the students of the academy.

Inspired by the desire to provide some after-school enrichment classes, Joelle MacKay, High Desert Grange member, and Logos first grade teacher, came up with the idea to bring the two groups together.  Both groups are dedicated to caring for kids and providing opportunities for continued growth in all areas of their lives.  Brandie Dixon, Logos Preschool Director, and Gloria Montero of the High Desert Grange joined Joelle to get the program off the ground.

A variety of classes are geared to various ages from K to 8th grade and are open to Logos students and their family members only.  Joelle and Brandie oversee the program.  The fee is membership in the High Desert Grange where an annual individual membership is $20, an annual junior membership (5 to 13 years old) is $10.00, and an annual family membership is $40.00.  Some after-school program classes may have an additional fee to cover expenses. 

All classes are held on campus.  All students are responsible for their own transportation at the end of each class.

Class days and times vary.  The first classes offered started at the beginning of October but more classes will be added as the school year progresses.  The current class lineup is:

  • Animal Science – started Tuesday, Oct. 5, and is held weekly for 8 weeks
  • Fall Painting Class – started Wednesday, Oct. 6, and is held for 4 weeks
  • Equine Science – started Monday, Oct. 11, and is held the second Monday of each month at 5:30 pm, initially meeting at Logos and later in the year at the Fair Grounds.

Classes to come will include leadership for 7th and 8th graders, archery, gardening, spring painting, sewing, and, hopefully, Lego Robotics.

Pamela Duarte, Logos Headmaster, is enthusiastic about this new venture.  “The greatest joy in creating this program was seeing the enthusiasm of parents and students when the opportunity for on-campus classes was presented.  The biggest challenge is having the time and volunteers needed to make it successful and be able to offer a well-rounded program of classes,” she said.

She added, “We see this program benefitting the Logos school community as it offers classes beyond the academics that Logos is known for.  We want our students to be well rounded and have the chance to develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.” 

For information on becoming a High Desert Grange member, email [email protected] or call (775) 427-8210.

For information about the after-school program, contact [email protected]  at Logos Christian Academy.