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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 10:12 PM

Feral Housewife Weekly Horoscopes for April 12

Feral Housewife Weekly Horoscopes for April 12
Alicia Parsons -- The Ferel Housewife


The things you can accomplish are never-ending this week, but then what? Don’t get down on yourself. Make plans to do some travel. The more exotic, the better! Get yourself out there and mingle with someone new that you would have never expected to come into your life. These meetings will further launch you into a success!


The week begins with everything feeling out of sorts and everyone acting the same. It has nothing to do with you, so quit trying to decipher the hidden meanings behind any of it; if it bothers you too severely, phone a friend for a vent session. Before making that big purchase, pump the breaks and shop around a little.


Don’t waste all this energy you have. The windfalls will be incredible. When dealing with past issues that need resolving, you will isolate yourself, but be careful not to get so wrapped up in your mess that you forget to stop and smell the roses. A friend will be able to help you navigate out of this slump; make sure to ask for help when you need it most.


The ghosts of destructive behaviors will be visiting you this week as you fall into old habits you thought you’d shaken for good. Address them once and for all with intent, or you will keep repeating the same story. Know your worth and refuse to settle for anything less. In the realm of work vs. relationships, you will struggle. Don’t forget about your most valuable relationships this weekend.


The most valuable work you will ever do is service to others - you can’t change the whole world, but you can change someone’s entire world. It is time to buckle down with long-term planning. It would be best if you put a plan into action. The sooner, the better. You have strong beliefs and ideas, and this weekend is going to be a great time to share that passion with people around you.


This week, stop and rethink your current stance on issues. Is a long-distance relationship or friend with benefits situation so bad? Open your mind to ideas surrounding love, money, and career. No one likes a clinger, so be cautious of how you communicate. You don’t want to ruin a perfectly great situation with words. Keep growing and setting boundaries. You are doing great.


Jealousy is ugly. Please beware of the communication breakdown; it will cause you more grief than you can repair. Be calm and courteous when you speak to others.  The bonds you create this week are one of a kind. Take the leap and lavish in the rewards. You are building a lifetime worth of intimate bonds with important people.


Self-improvement is never a bad idea! You lead the week with it, as a matter of fact! Keep on growing. You have the whole week to work on yourself and building new bonds. With your partnerships holding steady and nothing rocking this week, focus some extra attention that way. They are, after all, built to withstand the storm.  Rise above the naysayers that try to hold you down at the end of the week.


Dude chill! You lack all self-awareness this week, and it will not be pretty if you charge ahead impulsively. Mid-week you get a hard and fast lesson in self-awareness and how not to conduct yourself. This is a great time to revisit old habits and change them for the better. By the weekend, you have sorted through the worst of it. Enjoy the creativity that strikes.


Indulge; you should stop and take a moment to enjoy the finer things in life. Be it a relationship or some new outfits, or even a hobby! By mid-week, you find yourself in family conflict, feeling like everyone is trying to hold you down and control you. Watch that wicked tongue of yours. It is ok to take a stand and make it known, but using words to hurt others intentionally is never acceptable.


Time to clear out the clutter you have collected all winter and enjoy a proper spring clean! You are settled in the home for the next few weeks, and if that means doing something that will only brighten it up, it might just be time for it! Opportunities are right in front of you if you can stop and take a moment to see them! Here is to new beginnings!


What a week, there is love and romance all around you, and communication mixed with logic is the perfect setting for all things relationship until the end of the week. You find yourself feeling a bit insecure when a friend tries to undermine you and cut you down with false narratives. Just remind yourself of what you really are and move on. No one that matters agrees with them anyway.