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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:24 PM

Letter from the Publisher

Captain's Log... January 15th
Letter from the Publisher
Alan and Keiran Kalt hiked up Lone Mountain near Lovelock where they captured their names inside a red box dedicated to 9/11
The flag on the back of the ferry to Dry Tortugas National Park last week, located in the Gulf of Mexico west of Key West
A local reader sent in the flag at their house

It’s a strange time in the world right now. I’m imagining those old Star Trek shows we would watch every day after school and I can hear Shatner in my head, “Captain’s log, Stardate…” What in the world would he be writing if this is what he was seeing? How would he explain it?  

Funny, I just searched for “Shatner saying Captains log” and up came this cute little story about how Shatner actually revived the Captain’s log on March 18th of last year as he went into COVID lockdown. He did 100 daily entries on social media to entertain his fans with his daily routine - documenting his quarantine activities, talking about his dogs, and his projects. 

As I write this from a working vacation in the tropics, sitting on the porch watching a warm, heavy rain, my daughter-in-law just sent a photo of my grandson playing in the mud yesterday in Fallon where it was 61 degrees. They are visiting from North Dakota where 61 degrees is balmy so to him it’s perfect mud weather.  


Which is probably the best lesson right now.  

Last week I cheered myself up going on a treasure hunt for American flags. Several of you sent photos of yours and we’ve included a few in this edition of the paper. It helped to change my perspective from the insanity of the national news to the eternal optimism and hope on display throughout our community. 

It’s times like these that give us the opportunity to be better and do better. To remember that the difference between a crisis or adventure is how we choose to handle a situation. A wise friend explains it this way, “Perspective is your passport or your prison.” 

Keeping you posted,

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An American... Just like you. 01/16/2021 07:55 AM
The American flag is a frightening symbol to me these days. Seeing those people storming the Capitol with the intent to assassinate members of congress waving this flag was so unsettling. The American flag seems to represent the same values as the confederate flag now. It's unfortunate. This country is a beautiful place but this flag has always represented a nation built on genocide and slavery. Maybe it's time for a new one to represent everyone in this country.