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Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 9:00 PM

Life Center -- A Note from the Director

Life Center -- A Note from the Director
Lisa Erquiaga is the Director of the William N. Pennington Life Center

Right now as we are all continuing to live, practicing staying safe, and social distancing according to Covid-19 there are many things to think, ponder as we have a little more time while we are staying home more. I have a few suggestions for you to try at your leisure.

Take care of yourself, first; reach out to old friends via email or by writing them a letter and sending by snail mail; stay active by stretching and/or exercising at least 3 days a week; go through your recipe box and fix an old family favorite from a great grandmother; binge a series of your favorite “I Love Lucy” shows; start a family history project; take on a new hobby or craft project that you have never done, search on YouTube; make your favorite kind of ice cream; write a list of what makes you happy; make a playlist of your favorite music; learn the art and practice daily meditation; spoil your dog, go through old photos you have in a box and assemble in an album; take a walk; go for a drive without a destination; change your furniture around, sit in your backyard and count the birds you see in an hour; and last but not least, write a list of things you love about yourself - a long one.

With that list above you should be busy for the next month, until the next newsletter! I really encourage everyone reading this article to take the time to check on yourself in this time of social distancing that will continue awhile longer. If you feel you need someone to talk to or you are in despair, call a Crisis Line or make an appointment with a counselor to work through it if this this necessary. Most of us have someone close to us who we can confide in, even if we have to do it by text or on the computer. Keeping our minds busy, occupied and finding happiness is our job right now in these times not knowing how long we will be living like this with COVID-19. If you would like to be involved in our new “Buddy Calls” program to be matched up with a phone pal, please call Mercedeis here at WNP Life Center to sign up.

Another thing that will help our current outlook on our lives is to be polite and nice to everyone you come in contact with. The old saying of “You can get more from someone with honey, than you can with vinegar!” This is so true. In this time of being hampered from our usual “Normal” routines it would be wonderful to be treated kindly and with respect by everyone you meet. I know you agree, but sometimes it takes a little more effort and patience to find this virtue in our hearts, but we can do it! I challenge you to try it for the next month of August and then report back to me what you were successful with...Honey or Vinegar?

Until next month, please stay home, stay safe and take care of YOU. Enjoy August, I can’t wait to hear any changes you have made in your routines, schedules and daily activities over the next month!





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